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Also known as auriculotherapy, chinese writing class ear acupuncture involves the auricle of the external ear being treated with acupuncture needles to lessen pains, diseases or dysfunctions of the body.This practice is one of a series of so-called ‘holographic’ systems which theorize that the entirety of someone’s body can be represented in miniature within the body. Another example is Chinese nose acupuncture, or hand acupuncture developed in Korea.All the features of the body are thought to be represented in the many curves and folds of the ear, a kind of inverted fetus chinese writing classdrawing is often used to diagrammatically represent this statement. Over 200 specific points of acupuncture exist on the ear.Taken from the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture, a Frenchman by the name of Dr. Paul Nogier first developed this novel form of acupuncture, back in 1957.All forms of acupuncture originated in China in the Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine that was constructed around 500 B.C. This book inferred that six yang meridians were attached to the ear’s auricle. chinese writing classOpposing this were six yin meridians that were indirectly connected with the ear through indirectly corresponding to their particular yang counterparts.Dr. Nogier, a physician from Lyon in France, was initially interested in ear scars from patients that were treated successfully for sciatic pain by French lay practitioners. After developing the somatatopic map of the ear, his work was shown to begin with in France, later published in Germany by the German Acupuncture Society. Eventually this new acupuncture development was translated into Chinese. During 1958 a large study on the effectiveness of this acupuncture technique was conducted by the Nanking Army Ear Acupuncture Research Team. Dr. Nogier’s theory of an inverted fetus was accepted as clinically accurate, and during the cultural revolution so called ‘barefoot doctors’ were trained in the simple techniques of the ear acupuncture. Many Chinese were soon able to chinese writing classtry this new form of healthcare.Chinese and French auricular acupuncture points were used for many years until in 1990 the World National Organization conducted an international meeting and standardized the auricular anatomical names.Ear acupuncture has more recently become used for recommending special Chinese herbal remedies. Auricular locations are chosen in accordance with: When you hear about Traditional Chinese Medicine, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Odd stuff in jars in dark smoky rooms where equally odd old men mutter strange incantations in Chinese as they burn incense in a pot? Actually, there may actually literally be such places and maybe they do practice some form of Traditional Chinese Medicine too – but in these modern times, Traditional Chinese Medicine can also mean medicine that is practiced by even Western followers of the traditional ways of treating patients as the Chinese have learned all these centuries. And for such chinese writing classWestern practitioners, Traditional Chinese Medicine may not mean burning incense as well but rather keeping rather immaculate and clinical treatment rooms where any modern patient would feel comfortable being treated for whatever is ailing him. Depending on who you talk to, Traditional Chinese Medicine may be considered either a form of alternative medicine or a form of complementary medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine may be a type of alternative medicine in that you can opt for Traditional Chinese Medicine practices rather than the conventional Western style of medical treatment – thus you chose an alternative. Traditional Chinese Medicine practices become complementary medicine when you allow both a Western style of medical treatment and the chinese writing classTraditional Chinese Medicine practices to be used side by side at the same time when you are undergoing treatment for your ailment. It may be easier to determine the efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine when you opt to have it by itself, rather than mixing it with other forms of treatment. This is because the symptoms of your ailment might get relieved under a complementary medicine type of treatment program so you might get confused as to which treatment option really worked for you.

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