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Frankly, if you ask me whether there’s anything I couldn’t leave home without, yes, you’ve guessed it right! eyelash extensions hong kong Other than my luggage & travelling documents, it has to be my noise cancelling headphones! The first step in the start of Hair extensions is to determine which type or procedure you will use. Some of the commonest hair extension methods are the Wefts and Individual Strands. eyelash extensions hong kong The individual strands hair extensions involve the use of between 20 to 50 or more strands of extension hair which can be natural or synthetic and applying them to some sections of your hair through weaving in, clamping with metal rods, heat fusing, gluing, eyelash extensions hong kong or the use of polymers or waxes. Many of these methods of hair extensions will involve the application of chemical materials to coat your hair. Weft hair extensions on the other hand are safer and better than the individual strand methods of hair extensions. eyelash extensions hong kong Wefts are curtain-like hair attached together at the top and allowed to flow freely at the bottom of the hair. Wefts can be handmade or mechanically made. Mechanically made wefts do come in continuous widths which are cut to size. Hand made wefts are generally thicker than those made with machines and they last longer as well. eyelash extensions hong kong Mechanically produced Wefts usually come from less quality hair and European weft making machine are scarce to find. eyelash extensions hong kong The quality and prices of hair extensions usually determines which style one will go for. Wefts might not be as cheap as individual strands but the quality of hair as well as effects of the wefts on your hair is quite good. The third step is to distribute glue evenly throughout the hair strands, then place the extension hair under the natural hair and roll with silicon pad to form a bond. The human hair extension is thus put in place after these steps. Try as much as possible to consider the daily maintenance involved in Human hair extension, you should determine if you really want the hair to grow right now or you will wait for it to grow naturally for years. Secondly you should ask your self if you have the time for some steps involve in Human hair extension therapies. You should know that having a quality human hair extension is not cheap. Over processed hair and addition of some cheap shampoos will make your hair get tangled after some time. Cheap hair is only for those who want to wear an hair extension for a relative short time. You should be aware that some techniques of hair extensions will require that you purchase specially made shampoos, conditioners and hair. You must conduct some tests on your hair especially if you noticed that your hair is damaged, thinning or breaking. The strand test is one of the major preliminary tests you can do at home. Do the strand test by taking a strand of your hair and gradually pull on it. If the strand comes out in the right way with little or no pulling, that means your hair may not support an extension but if the strand require some pushing, then your hair will support an extension. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has just concluded, and Nintendo made a great showing during its time on the stage. Not only did the company release new information on what is in store for the Nintendo Wii, it also released an impressive list of Nintendo DSi 2009 games. That is right! Nintendo DSi 2009 games – games which are actually going to be released this year! WarioWare DIY. Ever wanted to be a game designer/developer? Well, this latest installment in the WarioWare franchise – starring Marios evil twin who instantly became a fan favorite – will allow you do design your own levels and your own game play. Fantastic, isn’t it? WarioWare DIY contains all the classic, quirky humor that the series has been known for – only this time, you will be able to make your own humorous levels and your own humorous game if you want to. Truly, this is one of the biggest Nintendo DSi games to look out for.




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