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Dr. Wen said that most of the patients who are usually treated are elderly people, and there are many people who use unsanitary eyes. But the children are still a minority, and now it is in the hot days of summer. As the temperature increases, the activities of the mites become more frequent and the number of patients will increase. In the past week, I have found that there are more patients with similar eye-length mites. I have seen two similar pediatric patients within a week. eyelash extensions hong kong Just apply the ointment in the eyelid position and kill the mites. Usually pay attention to eye hygiene, pay attention to eye rest. Many salons will tell you to remove the cockroaches, because this is usually an extra service for an extra charge. But going to  is usually not necessary. If you are an athlete, you should not go to jealousy, because these embarrassments can improve your expressiveness. If you are not an athlete, then you should use soap and a shaver to lick, but only if you are too thick to make you feel uncomfortable. eyelash extensions hong kong the overall feeling is very good. And it is easy to unload with warm water, If you really want to go, then it is best to choose a shaving or a phlegm method. Never let your nails cut or cut your skin. And the more you cut, the thicker the long scorpion will be. You should not shave your legs before pedicure. Because those who help you shave your legs don’t care if there is hair on your legs. Moreover, after scraping the leg hair, you are more susceptible to infection because there are pores on it. Therefore, it is recommended not to shave your legs in the salon. Many salons use infrared sterilization boxes, or other phlegm methods to sterilize tools, which is both reasonable and legal. But this is not enough to kill all the bacteria. The only effective method is the high-pressure anti-virus device, which uses high pressure and steam to kill the virus, so that it can kill bacteria 100%. eyelash extensions hong kong How can you know that your salon is using an autoclave so that you can be 100% protected? First, ask the salon boss how they disinfected, and then look at the color change of the bag that holds the tool. The color of the bag is changed once the tool has been sterilized. Tools that have been sterilized with an autoclave should be sealed and should be opened in front of you. increase its elasticity and warmth, and is beneficial to human health. The footbath is filled with water from the city, which is likely to be full of bacteria, and they are difficult to clean. Although most salons clean those basins, they can still find many bacteria that can cause blisters or rashes. However, in many cases it is difficult to investigate the salon, because those rashes usually take more than four months to develop. eyelash extensions hong kong Xiao Qi’s eyes have long locusts, which may have a great relationship with his living habits. eyelash extensions hong kong Children like soft toys and often sleep with toys, and these toys are probably the hotbed of locusts. Secondly, it is also related to age. Some elderly patients have poor physical resistance. The ecological environment of the eyelids is easily destroyed and it is easy to breed aphids. The disease is also contagious. The parents of Xiaoqi are busy with their work. Xiaoqi often has his grandparents. Living together, the mites on the eyes may also be transmitted from the elderly. Dry quickly, no slag, not easy to agglomerate, eyelash extensions hong kong no lashes and collapses, the overall feeling is very good. And it is easy to unload with warm water, and some people on the scene use “very easy, really clean” to describe. I think the quality and effect are good, and it is relatively long. If the thick and curling is stronger, it will be better. Oh, who makes us greedy for the United States.



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