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This NARS nail polish uses a modern and advanced color mild formula, adding toluene, formaldehyde and DBP coloring materials, exclusive formula and technology to improve flexibility, durability, abrasion resistance and gloss performance. nail salon hong kong The most feared thing about this nail is that it is not long lasting, so be sure to dry it after completing the starry sky layer. Finally, apply a layer of transparent color, and the nails can be kept for about 1-2 weeks. Whether it’s your everyday styling or party makeup, a beautiful manicure is absolutely essential. Use the eyebrow brush with silver nail polish to gently poke on the side of the nail,  Have you ever thought about the vast Milky Way, the distance of billions of light years can be presented at the small fingertips? nail salon hong kong Although the elements of the Galaxy Galaxy are already the trend of the times, when you match it properly, you can indulge in the beauty of the Milky Way. It is also a wise choice to use a layer of quick-drying varnish because it retains the shape of nail polish and manicure and forms a protective film. However, quick-drying varnish is not omnipotent, because under the protective film, the nail varnish is still not completely solidified, and it is easy to form agglomerates or corrugations. nail salon hong kong Whether it is phototherapy or ordinary nail polish, something that is very hard will make the nail surface mottled. Therefore, as much as possible to reduce the friction of the nail surface, in order to extend the time of nail polish on the side of the nail. Therefore, in the nail art, the stylist uses white paint such as white paint as the main color of the nail to match the clothing of this season. It is ingenious to draw a silver thread in the quarter of the nail. This is like a Chu The line of the River Hanjie can increase the proportion of nails. The lesser part is like the “new” nails, making the fingers look slimmer. If your fingers are short and thick, and your nails are not long, choose a round-shaped a-type that can be used to make your fingers slim. But you have to raise your nails first. If you have a pointed shape, the nails are too short to be repaired. nail salon hong kong It’s time to change the habit of repeatedly applying one or two layers of heavy nail polish. Just apply three layers of light nail polish and wait for a minute to let each layer of nail polish dry before applying the next layer. This may seem to slow down the speed of nail polish, but in general, you can save a lot of time waiting for the nail to solidify. Low temperatures allow nail polish to solidify quickly, so you can choose to soak in ice water. Prepare a bowl of water with ice cubes before applying nail polish. nail salon hong kong After applying the nail polish, just dip your finger in ice water for about 1 minute. This method can effectively prevent the nail polish from cracking up, because it can make the nail oil quickly dry from the inside to the outside. nail salon hong kong If you like visual impact, you can choose rose gold as the base color and ink sequins as the embellishment. It is definitely the best statement of the unique futurist. To complete the Galaxy Manicure, you only need a bottle of base nail polish, as well as a bottle of galaxy bright nail polish and the final seal nail polish. Look for a clean eyebrow brush or mascara brush for the tool. The next part of the drawing is the dotted part of the starry sky. You can use silver nail polish or any color nail polish that you want to draw into the galaxy’s starry sky. The operation process is like this. Evenly apply the silver nail polish to the head of the curved eyebrow brush, and then prepare to draw on the nail surface.

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