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According to the report, Taiwan was invited to participate in the Raffles Hotel in Chang’an Street. For security reasons, Taiwanese who were invited to visit the military parade must first attach the same number as the Taiwanese certificate number and the certificate. After arriving in Beijing, they will act in unison. Taiwan Taipei hotel It is expected that there will be an official official dinner on September 2nd and 4th. It is understood that the invited cadres including the “National Taiwan Compatriots Investment Enterprise Association”, such as President Guo Shanhui, ien Chan, honorary chairman of the Kuomintang, will lead a delegation to participate in the military parade on the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War held in Beijing on September 3. Taiwan Taipei hotel According to Taiwan media reports, hundreds of Taiwanese people have received invitations from the mainland military parade this year. This has stirred up public opinion in Taiwan and has voices in support of these people attending the military parade. It is believed that this will help the two sides understand each other and remember history together. Others worry that this will allow the mainland to take away the right to speak in the history of the war of resistance and should not participate. Taiwan also held the “Hukou Fighting Demonstration” to commemorate the war of resistance in July this year, but the scale is not large. Taiwan Taipei hotel Today, the prosperity of the mainland has made Taiwanese media people sigh. “The mainland military parade, Taipei has mixed tastes. The 114-pyeong presidential suite also becomes the largest room in the Taiwanese tourist hotel. he Health Bureau said that two unqualified aquatic products were sold at Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel. One piece of “Asahi Crab” detected 0.57ppm of heavy metal cadmium (standard 0.5ppm or less). The upstream manufacturer is Jinwang Aquatic Products of New Taipei City. Taiwan Taipei hotel The New North City Health Bureau handles the matter according to its rights and responsibilities. The Health Bureau said that for the Sheraton Hotel (Hanshe Catering Management Co., Ltd.), it has been ordered to correct within a time limit, and will be re-extracted during the election. If the test results still do not meet the requirements, a fine of 30,000 yuan to 3 million yuan will be imposed according to law. Taiwan’s “United Daily News” said on the 27th that the new party chairman Yu Muming was also invited to attend the September 3 military parade, but Yu Muming said that “it is not stated now.” The People’s Party’s “President” candidate James Soong once expressed his intention to attend the 9·3 military parade, Taiwan Taipei hotel but his aides revealed that Song has declared his candidacy for the “president” and “has been busy recently” and decided to be represented by Party Secretary Qin Jinsheng. . The former “Executive Dean” Hao Baicun Office said that he would not be invited to attend the 9th March military parade. For the third “study session” to be debuted, Taiwan’s “Lianhe Evening News” commented on the 27th that the common historical evaluation and pursuit of benchmarks written by Hu Jintao and Lien Chan 10 years ago has been convinced through continuous shaping and deduction. Taiwan Taipei hotel This belief covers roughly three things: one China, against “Taiwan independence” and peaceful development. Therefore, the “Lianlian Association” debuts again and again, is to constantly review and reaffirm this belief, and thus gain new strength. Even in the unpredictable situation on both sides of the strait, it remains unchanged and does not die. However, Taiwan’s “United Daily News” commented on the 27th that Lien Chan’s participation in the military parade at Tiananmen Square and the viewing of the PLA’s strong military capacity were not conducive to the social perception of the island and may even affect the Kuomintang’s election. Some Taiwanese media asked whether Lien Chan may be invited to board the Tiananmen Gate to observe the ceremony. Yang Yujun said that this issue needs to be asked by the Taiwan Affairs Office.



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