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For the real estate market, japan property agency whether it is to continue to develop, or to take a sudden brake, I think that the community should first gather consensus and eliminate differences.” Liu Junhai said. The introduction of the real estate tax policy is in line with expectations, and it is not excluded that Shanghai and Chongqing will take the lead in upgrading to the real estate tax on the basis of the reform of the existing property tax. This is the pilot idea. japan property agency Huang Xianglong was accepted by the “Corporate” reporter. During the visit, he said. In an interview with the reporter of the Legal Person, japan property agency Shanghai Yida Law Firm Dong Yizhi said: “I think the preparation of real estate tax is already in place. Now it may involve matters at the legislative level, perhaps during the next two sessions. legal. The problem of housing and not speculation has been raised for two to three years. In fact, the central government has already established this policy. Historical experience and economic laws are unlikely to allow house prices to rise indefinitely. Liu Junhai believes that because the shape of the real estate is not the same, the pure commercial housing has affordable housing, japan property agency housing reform, and small property housing, the situation is not the same. And some local economically developed housing prices are expensive, and some places have low housing prices, and the situation is not the same everywhere. Secondly, you can consider the price limit and the use guide price for first- and second-tier cities. japan property agency Now if you are eager to introduce real estate tax, so that the property owners can pay property tax through selling houses, this is the best policy, and there are many other tools for regulation and control that have not been revitalized and used. Dong Yizhi also believes that the regulation of housing prices requires a comprehensive policy, and real estate tax is only a means of regulating fiscal and taxation. The adjustment of house prices requires a combination of local and central regulation. The original intention of the real estate tax law should be for the ordinary people to afford the house. japan property agency I think the property tax is not mature now, because the real estate market is extremely fragile. It can be said that with a pinhole, the bubble will burst immediately. In addition, the real estate industry occupies a large number of low-cost credit funds, which indirectly pushes up the financing costs of other companies, resulting in the financing difficulties and financing of the rest of the enterprises, which is the reason for the accelerated implementation of the property tax.” Huang Xianglong told reporters Say it. We must also promote the reform of the local tax system. Considering the tax property, distinguishing the tax-based liquidity characteristics, reasonably determining local tax types, appropriately delegating tax rights, gradually cultivating local main tax types, maintaining steady growth of local financial resources, and promoting regional coordinated development.



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