eternity ring等級挑選

Haidilao Hangzhou Zhongda Yintai City Store Manager Tang: “There is then a promise, the guests provide some basis for buying a ring, and then we base, because the company has regulations, is to lose things, we can bear part of the responsibility, eternity ring then we pay compensation The cash is 1,500 yuan, that’s all, then the guests brought you over today. which made her very anxious. In order to help Ms. Li find the ring, the police quickly came to the gas station according to the clue provided by Ms. Li, explained the situation to the person in charge of the gas station, and mobilized the staff to help find it. eternity ring Ms. Cao: “I ate here on the evening of November 26th. I made a hand mask in their store and took the ring down. When I took it down, I put it in a bag they gave me. Then my friend brought three rings, I brought one, and the two of us put together. Ms. Cao said that money does not matter, she just wants to find a wedding ring, because it is of great significance to her. eternity ring So how did the ring disappear when they were eating? The monitoring video is provided by Haidilao, let’s analyze it together. Haidilao Hangzhou Zhongda Yintai City Store Manager Tang: “This lady immediately began to sit down, (Reporter: This may be the party’s sister-in-law) Yes, eternity ring the party’s sister-in-law can see that she now took the ring I started wearing a ring, and the ring was in this bag. (Reporter: Is it the four rings that were put in when they were doing the hand mask?) Yes, eternity ring four rings can be seen by her. Ms. Cao’s sister-in-law suddenly sat close to the boy’s side and could see the plastic bag with the ring placed. She still squeezed it on her left hand. She used her right hand to pick up the chopsticks and eat it with her right hand. I also shook the plastic bag on my left hand, eternity ring and then communicated with the tablet who took the tablet to order. After a minute or so, Ms. Cao returned with the hot pot seasoning, but did not sit down immediately, but stood and played with the spices, just blocking the left hand position of the opposite sister, after ten miles, I can see Ms. Cao. The younger sister took the left hand and picked it up and sent it to his mouth. At this time, the ring has already been put down. It should be that she can’t see her at this angle. She has no more hands on her.

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