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Ms. Cao said that at 6 o’clock that night, the four adults took two children and went to Haidilao to eat. She and her sister-in-law, eternity ring who is the friend of her mouth, first worked in the nail area of ​​the door. In the Ministry of Nursing, eternity ring two people took a total of four rings and placed them in a transparent plastic bag provided by Haidilao. Before in the waiting area, her brother took a small video and took the ring on her hand. In fact, my parents like her very much. I feel that she is very quiet and intimate. eternity ring I always hope that we will get married soon.” Hu Ming said that after the Spring Festival, parents have been urging the two to get married, but Hu Ming dare to tell parents, himself and My girlfriend is breaking up all day long. eternity ring  Hu Ming told reporters that he is now in love with his girlfriend for more than a year and five months. There were times when the two of them ate together and waited in line. Hu Ming opened the glory of the two kings with his mobile phone. Xiaoyun’s black face was finished after the meal. “You used to wait for me to chat with me. And the game, let’s break up. Hu Ming’s brother, Mr. Yue, said that Xiaoyun and Hu Ming were particularly fond of when they got better, and they broke up in a big way. “It’s estimated that the girl likes to threaten her boyfriend and hope to get more attention. But in fact, every time “breaking up”, eternity ring it is a serious injury to the feelings, and then deep feelings can not withstand such a toss. It is recommended to correct the mentality and remind yourself to quit the “breakup addiction”. It is very likely that the other party will hate this kind of toss and give up this relationship. After receiving the police, the person and the police station on duty at the police station Gao Sheng, Qin Xin quickly checked with the police. It is understood that Ms. eternity ring Li went out to discuss business on the same day. She took the ring and put it in the wallet that she carried with me. Who knows that she came home and found that the diamond ring in the bag was gone, which made her very anxious. In order to help Ms. Li find the ring, the police quickly came to the gas station according to the clue provided by Ms. Li, explained the situation to the person in charge of the gas station, and mobilized the staff to help find it. Ms. Cao: “I ate here on the evening of November 26th. I made a hand mask in their store and took the ring down. When I took it down, I put it in a bag they gave me. Then my friend brought three rings, I brought one, and the two of us put together.

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