eternity ring訂婚戒指系列

Not long ago, a little prince was born and became a focal point on the Internet. Although he has been rehabilitated at home and has eternity ring never shown up, the blessings to her have not stopped, and the birth of the child has also made people see the truth. Previously, when the two eternity ring of them had just announced their marriage, the foreigners had not been optimistic, but they did not expect to be born now, and the outside world knew eternity ring that it was so spoiled! Many netizens questioned the purchase of the manuscript, especially the ring was deliberately exposed to a bit of a shot, just after the birth of the child, coupled with such a pet, it is inevitable to question whether Chen Yuxi is jealous, wearing a wedding ring show happiness, but some netizens think It has always been a very simple person. Presumably she didn’t have the opportunity to get to this point, and now she is married and has a child, and she has been married for almost three years, and they also have a son who now has their own family. Well, there is no intersection, let alone jealousy and happiness. Recently, I took out a photo of myself on the social platform and sent a message “Gratefulness”. Yao Dijia holds flowers and smiles. It is like a classic scissors hand. The wedding ring eternity ring on the hand is very eye-catching. This is the sun. Flowers, or a sun ring! With a smile, the face is still exquisite, the balloon behind is obviously the English of the birthday, it seems that the birthday fiance is a carefully prepared surprise, no wonder so happy, it seems to be grateful for the fiancé. Since the incident with the article, the cause has also been depressed a lot, rarely appear in front of the public, and now find the person who guards himself, presumably has gone out of the haze of eternity ring the past and ushered in a new future. In the last year’s announcement of love, and was asked to marry last year, and now has a public wedding ring, it seems that good things are near. The matter of the article has passed, and it is not related to it. Now both of them have their own lives and have found their own eternity ring happiness. The boyfriend is an outsider. He has never been public. The netizens saw the wedding ring and sent a blessing to her. I wish her happiness and sweetness. Recently, a 2-year-old boy from Changchun accidentally swallowed his mother’s wedding ring. Then the family took the child to the local hospital for examination. After the doctor filmed, it is recommended to take the child home to observe and wait for the ring to drain. But the family waited for 9 days, The best way is to go to the hospital as soon as possible.and the child still did not discharge the ring. Finally, the family took the child to the local children’s hospital.

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