eternity ring男人求婚必備品

Life will be married once eternity ring. I really don’t want my wedding ring to collide with my colleagues’ friends eternity ring. Husband also likes the men’s models, the simple atmosphere is still very round, whether it is to see customers wearing formal wear or go out to play casual clothes, can catch up, not at all eternity ring. Without hesitation, this pair has also been included in our collection eternity ring. In addition to the simple and atmospheric design, we also incorporate a lot of love “careful machines” in the design eternity ring. For example, the setting of the setting is 2 hearts, which means the love of the two, and there is a bow from the side eternity ring. Is it a girl’s heart? Although it is not my money, it is worth knowing for them. The girl’s heart made a call. By the way, I would like to praise the younger sister, who is really professional and patient. No matter what I ask for, what questions I ask, I smile and answer them one by one. When I finally left the store, I also sent it to the door and watched us leave the store. The service attitude did not have to be said! After exaggerating the life, I would like to talk about other brand series that I have tried. This is my first time to see it. At that time, I went to the Love Nest series. Before doing homework on the Internet, the design of the hive particularly touched me. I saw a lot of the pictures of the young lady, and I think it should be beautiful whether it is single or stacked. After calm thinking, I found that the design that is too exaggerated is not suitable for wedding rings. Although the Love Nest series is very simple and generous, there is still a sense of design, but I still feel that the roundness is not enough, it is easy to hook up the clothes and pick up other things. Another reason is that it is mainly K gold. If it is replaced by platinum, the price is too high and the budget is too high. It seems that the price is weaker and can only be abandoned. A long dress always brings a romantic color, and the elegance is pleasing under the premise of comfort. In the crowd, the style will be attracted by its temperament. Denim dress can not be casually chosen, because the denim style will bring a feeling of sullenness, but if you choose the sling style, there will be a contrast, it looks fashionable, if the denim skirt has a row of buttons on the chest Will make the original material have a bright spot. The Japanese craftsmanship has made it possible to present a lot of well-designed diamond rings, which is very important. And although some big names can also use platinum to row drills, but the price is relatively much higher, after seeing a lot of platinum diamonds in the row of diamonds, not only the style is very good, the price is also in line with my heart budget. Moreover, the couples build a love nest and work hard for each other. When they look at the pictures on the Internet, they really like it very much, but in fact, they found that the ring faces of European and American cards are very wide and are not suitable for Asian hand. It looks like the fingers are very thick and there is no slenderness.


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