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You probably wouldn’t believe it but the art of planting and tending to bonsais has been around for over two thousand years. Then called pun-sa ichinese writing class, the ancient Chinese made unique animal designs such as dragons and birds out of the small branches of the small trees. These trees became the forefathers of what we now know as bonsais. Also known as Pen-jing or scenery on trays, chinese writing classChinese bonsai is more than a representation of a smaller version of a tree. Tending for it represents artistry and the illusion of maturity. It could also depict a small landscape for example, the small tree could have a miniature brook and a miniscule mountain beside it. As it is called Chinese bonsai, it originated from China and was transported to Japan during the seventh to the ninth century. There are three types of Penjing namely: chinese writing classTree Penjing, Landscape Penjing and Water & Land Penjing. Although generally believed to be dwarf versions of plants or trees, any expert gardener would be able to tell you that bonsais aren’t the smaller counterparts of bigger plant species. They are actually, just your regular plant that is carefully pruned on the tree’s crown or roots. Landscape Penjing makes use of rocks to depict mountainous regions beyond the miniature tree. Water and Land Penjing, on the other hand, makes use of the former two elements the tree and some rocks plus a third element which is the water to complete the landscape illusion. You need no spiritual training to be able to appreciate the beauty of Chinese bonsai. In its own right, it is a work of art and a source of serenity-nobody, chinese writing classin his right mind, would dispute.Chinese bonsai is also considered as a spiritual object. The act itself of pruning, cultivating and generally tending for the plant exudes spirituality on a different level. It is believed that the closer a man gets to Mother Nature, the better able he is in understanding himself. Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan and Jet Li are the probably among the most popular faces of Chinese culture to the outer world than any others. The reason is simple – Chinese martial arts or more specifically Kung Fu and Tai Chi has been enjoying a steady popularity in the West since the 1980s. The whole range external martial arts or Shaolin Kung Fu and internal martial arts or Taijiquan aim not only at self defense but in building physical health and strength.Most Chinese language programs would have their students learn Taichi boxing shadow boxing,chinese writing class probably one of the most well-known martial arts. Learning and practicing Taich can inspire your Chinese language study a lot if you could really dig into the philosophy behind it. Based on the thoughts and ideas of Taoism, Taichi teaches the doctrine of harmony and balance not only between nature and mankind but also between men. Of course the details of it are far more profound and appealing to be discussed in a small article like this. chinese writing classTogether with other oriental practices, Taichi is being regarded as one of the great tools of the New Age Movement and such other spiritual, self-cultivating or self-help workshops. Learning Mandarin in China will earn you great advantage for this purpose. So next time when you get chance to learn Taichi while participating in any programs for study abroad in China, try finding out more about this ancient art.Kungfu and other Chinese martial arts are regarded as one of China most prominent cultural symbols. It is an indispensable medium of entertainment in grand ceremonies hosted by China displayed for an international audience. You must be recalling the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics. Because of the charm and prominence that this form of martial art enjoys, a lot of people who like Chinese culture are drawn to study abroad in China. Martial arts are a door to introduce you into a grander Chinese culture; they not only offer fascinating insights into body mechanics but offer training for physical well-being; all of which is a good inspiration for you to study Chinese.


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