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Nails that have smooth shanks have the least holding power. nail salon central When the wood shrinks over time, the nails will loosen and the lumber joints will separate. Spiral groove or ring shank nails have much more holding power. nail salon central In addition the thicker a nail is, the more wood surface it touches and the more wood the nail’s shank displaces, the better it will hold. Screws can be a better choice than nails for several reasons. nail salon central They provide more holding power than nails and are able to force a bowed board flat more easily. The use of screws will also eliminate the indentations often produced in the wood from hammering. Screws can also be removed without damaging the wood so that the board does not have to be discarded. nail salon central Carriage bolts and lag screws are used to connect ledger boards, railing posts and other critical frame members. Lag screws, which are sometimes called lag bolts, are thick screws with coarse threads and heads that require the use of a socket wrench in the fastening process. Always use a washer so that the head of the lag screw will not sink into the lumber and thus reduce holding power. Lag screws are used in places where extra strength is needed but only one side of the connection can be reached. nail salon central Carriage bolts, which require the use of a washer and nut, are usually stronger than lag screws. They require pilot holes to be drilled through the wood prior to hammering them into place and adding the washer and nut to the threaded end. Finally, there are a variety of framing connectors made specifically for connecting the various deck components. These can include joist hangers, nail salon central post bases, post caps and stair brackets. Hot dipped galvanized and stainless steel connectors are a better choice than electroplated connectors because of their abilities to resist corrosion and provide good holding power. Onychophagia, generally known as nail biting is a very common problem. This is a compulsive disorder, occurring to nearly half the population of the earth and it is frequent amongst children and teenagers. It has variety of root causes and the best way to cure this is by finding the reasons responsible for it. Once you know the cause for biting finger nails, you can choose from various available solutions, like application of bitter tasting stuff, hypnosis therapy, nail painting etc. Generally, biting fingernails indicates an oral fixation; work or home stress, recently quit smoking are some of the primary examples. Application of bitter tasting substance/ nail- paint – The most popular and easy way to stop this habit is by applying bitter tasting stuff or nail polish on your fingernails. This liquid stuff for nails is widely available and when you nibble your nails or cuticles after applying them, it tastes very bitter, discouraging a person from biting their nails again. Manicure and Nail Painting – Another popular way to stop nail biting is by painting them. Expensive manicures and nail paints dishearten people from biting their nails. One must apply a bright and flashy nail spread to make this work more effectively. Natural Remedies – Few substances, easily available in your back yard garden and the kitchen can help anyone curb this habit. Applying Aloe Vera solution that tastes bitter can certainly make you think twice before biting nails. Hot sauces like Tabasco, if applied on nails will give a very stirring experience on biting nails and will be a never forgetting incident. These remedies may sound funny but can support extensively in tackling nail biting issue. Celebrity hairstyles have influenced us for thousands of years. Ever since Cleopatra first coined the idea that she could use her hairstyle to enhance her power and fame, women all over the world have mimicked the hairstyles and hair care rituals of the rich and famous in order to try and harness a little of that glory for themselves.

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