Learn Mandarin in Singapore

Learn Mandarin in Singapore course for all the family. Fun and flexible, our Family Courses can be tailor-made to create the perfect experience for your family holiday• Small Group Language Courses for Business. The tones in Chinese. You might have heard about the 4 tones in Chinese. A word in Chinese may have different meanings depending on the tone of your voice as you say the word. You already know how to use the tone of your voice to change the meaning of a sentence. For example the sentence “You’re going to China” is a simple statement of fact. By changing the tone of your voice you can also create two new meanings. By raising your tone and saying “You’re going to China?”, you are changing the sentence into a question. By sharpening your tone and saying “You’re going to China!”, you are now giving an order. Learn Mandarin in Singapore reaches you on landing in Beijing International Airport. Luckily Learn Mandarin in Singapore is a familiar English speaker, and can effortlessly assist you throughout your visit in China! You are in China on a business trip yet you will have more than enough spare opportunity to see the sights, meet intriguing individuals, experience the local society, and obviously learn Chinese! Pinyin is the system for composing Chinese in the letters of the English alphabet. It is the beginning stage for a large number of Chinese schoolchildren each year as they begin their formal instruction. Our methodology in instructing Chinese is also dependent upon utilizing Pinyin. The Chinese characters are intricate to study and are not vital to begin studying and talking in Chinese. Community: At LEARN MANDARIN IN SINGAPORE your classmates will come from all over the world. Our students have very diverse cultural and linguistic background, however everyone has the same aim: to learn Mandarin, discover China and make new friends. It does not matter if you study 1-on-1 or in a small group, all LEARN MANDARIN IN SINGAPORE students meet every day for lunch at our school, go for school dinners, and often travel on the weekends together. You will meet the other new students during the LEARN MANDARIN IN SINGAPORE Monday welcome breakfast and after a week of Beijing duck dinners and school lunches you will be part of an international student community, exploring China and learning Mandarin together. Do you teach Mandarin with a Chinese accent or Taiwanese accent? We teach you Mandarin with the standard accent. The truth is, educated people in Mainland China and Taiwanese television or radio broadcasters speak Mandarin with little difference.  However, it is true that Taiwanese people in general speak differently from Taiwanese television or radio broadcasters (You might wonder why Taiwanese people in general don’t learn the standard Mandarin from their TV or radio broadcasters. Don’t ask me, ask your Taiwanese friends. For example, while educated people in Mainland China and Taiwanese television or radio broadcasters pronounce “to be” as “shir4”, Taiwanese people in general pronounce it as “si4”.“Enshrined in a language is the whole of a community’s history, and a large part of its cultural identity. The world is a mosaic of visions. To lose even one piece of this mosaic is a loss for all of us.” In order to keep abreast of today’s fast-paced economy and, it is imperative that the people of a developing nation, such as ours, are able to communicate fluently with others in dominant languages – namely, English and Mandarin. Chinese is one of the languages people are often “afraid of”. It is regarded as one of the most difficult foreign languages you can aim at learning, possibly because it is so different to other tongues especially those of the western cultures (English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, etc.).



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