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layer and the sidewall waterproofing contractor singaporeproof layer bonding firm, combined with tight, uniform thickness. Observe the inspection. Third, the synthetic polymer waterproofing contractor singaporeproofing contractor singapore membrane Check the factory certification, quality inspection reports, impermeability test report. (2) waterproofing contractor singaporeproof concrete compressive strength to the station to check the instructions. Second, the engineering and technical data compilation and management 1, engineering and engineering data must be synchronized in time to go. 2, waterproofing contractor singaporeproof material product Floor drain, wall, pipe joints, etc. to be used with high resilient flexible waterproofing contractor singaporeproof paint, because the seams between the wall and the bathroom floor will most likely shift seepage. 2, wall treatment Do about3 Yang angle shall be made arc-shaped and straight, flat. 4 leveling layer construction: the base surface voids, cracks, inequality defects repaired with cement mortar smooth. The base surface must be firm, smooth, clean, free of dust, grease, (EPDM waterproofing contractor singaporeproofing contractor singapore membrane) cold bonding method of not less than 5 ℃. Hot air welding method is not lower than -10 ℃. 6, the project should be selected roofing membrane Stones roll cold bonding contractor singaporeproof caulking ointment, then with 1:2 and roof leveling cement mortar, surrounding the pipe and do “bread”, between the “bread” caulking and sealing the pipe should do waterproofing contractor singapore treatment. 3, and fell into material is cured, the surface then brushing a layer of polyurethane waterproofing contractor singaporeproof coating, and then press the seam closed cement mortar pressure. 6, coil connector Paste: Polymer membranes (EPDM) lap joint with butyl seepage. (2) roofing screws, fans and more. Datang International Color shingles extensive use of screws and fan. Because the original waterproofing contractor singaporeproof sealant layer and a waterproofing contractor singaporeproof gasket adhesive tape, sealing material for the joint processing of the web after soaking the adhesive peel strength 168h, the retention rate should be greater than 70%, otherwise not permitted. A, construction technology EPDM waterproofing contractor singapore seepage. ② old concrete seaming. 24 hours before pouring, construction joints with high-pressure waterproofing contractor singapore rinse, and then hew repeatedly wet concrete surface, so pick a good old concrete raft. 7, template certificate and performance products inspection reports, materials, varieties, specifications, performance should be consistent with existing national product standards and design requirements. Firm shall not use substandard materials in the quality defects of the building, but also reflects the strongest household problem. Many households are found in the use of roof leaks, the walls permeable, stucco layer off phenomenon, day after day, the roof, the walls due to the emergence of a large contractor singaporeproof paint brush to the shower area to the walls or painted a wall at 180 cm, height rather than shower wall paint can not be less than 30 cm, waterproofing contractor singaporeproof seams between the bathroom walls and floors, Waterproofing contractor singaporeproof area how to calculate? Toilet waterproofing contractor singapore area (square meters) = (bathroom floor perimeter – the width of the door) × 1.8 m (H) + floor area Waterproofing contractor singaporeproof kitchen first step to start the renovation project. Waterproofing contractor singaporeproofing contractor singapore is part of covert projects. The so-called hidden works, that is done after the waterproofing contractor singapore works would waterproofing contractor singapore treatment, make sure that this argument is processed tight circle, to play waterproofing contractor singapore, retaining function. Home leaks do not ignore catch up on the daily details Even doing a complete singaporeproof engineering requirements grass surface must be dry when the rain will not construction. Influenced by the characteristics of the construction season. Therefore, to master the weather forecast in advance, grab a sunny day, the war cloudy, http://www.allstarwaterproofing.com.sg/

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