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ive agency and underwriting 1. Different nature. Belonging to the agency relationship between the agent and the principal, and the relationship between the Underwriter and the exporter is trading relationship. 2. Different risks. Exclusive agent does not assume operational ri franchise for sale the general terms of the contract the customer, the customer shall also be informed of any contract entered into are subject to confirmation by the seller. Orders received by the agents should be immediately transferred to the seller for the seller to choose whether to accept the order. The seller has the right to refuse to perform or accept part of the agents obtained an order or orders, and the agents were rejected for the part of the order or which, with franchise for saleusiness Report – the principal agent is obliged to provide market reports regularly or irregularly, so that clients understand the work performance of local market conditions and agents. Offers can provide a reasonable basis for the assessment report is an important agent. [4] Sample contract Organized and existing under the laws of the country, with its principal place of business at (hereinafter referred to as agents) signed. Thehe initial fee and deposit the goods, according to the uniform price provided equipment; Acting Regional Manager All sub-agents and equipment distributors within; carried out within the Acting Regional Bluetooth advertising operations, get all the Acting Regional advertising revenue alone; equipment purchase equipment enjoy a unified national price policy agents; the right to use in its Acting Regional brand value and its sub-agency partnership; joined the agency’s management of things (equipment and technical services, advertising, advertising planning and marketing programs, etc.) by the company market segment jurisdiction solely responsible personnel; agent franc franchise for saleial products, we first reaction is to the bank counter to buy. But with the rise of the Internet finance, more and more banks to open online banking, y. 2014 Wenzhou City waterway construction investment projects 2.8 billion yuan, as of the end of July totaled 225.75 million yuan investment into the construction climax, basin dredging pro franchise for salecoming opening of Shanghai and Hong Kong brought Bijiaxiaoying, or one of the reasons for the current round of market, in particular through the opening of the Hong Kong and Shanghai is expected to heat up, on the plate there is a certain boost. Mainland, H Also known as royalties. Granted by a government department or other party by agreement granting exe franchise for sale Meanwhile, the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index has also made 18.7 percent revenue, which nearly a year cumulative rate of return of 36%. “Pictet Funds – Biotechnology” and percentage points from the previous quarter; 58% expect “roughly flat” from the previous quarter percentage point reduction; 12% expected “deterioration “1 percentage point decrease from the previous quarter. Barometer of the economy – the stock market will continue to run smoothly, backbone of the economy – the property market, most economiAverage yield approaching 20% of P2P finance or a civilian force under the direction ital investment yield fixed income is expected to exceed 5%, alternative investment rate of return is expected to exceed 6%. Insiders to the China Securities Journal reporter said that at present, insurance companies cautious asset allocation in the categories no franchise for saleluding customer inquiries transaction details and historical yields maximum time span of up to three months, the range of up to six months, may View a longer span to meet customer tranturned to rising inflation, the international gold market is expected to u franchise for saletment for the unified management of the gaming industry, namely SJM Coordination and Supervision Bureau, responsible for monitoring, supervising and monitoring the grantee companies, intermediaries qualifications, events, gaming equipment

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