gundam pable of up to beat particles can produce thrust and applied on the body and control. MS has therefore hostile wartime, there is an overwhelming advantage. GN GN-Drive When the particles generated by the variation gundamof the device start particles existing radar system can be nullified (phantom Minovsky particles and particles of a gundamsimilar age of UC CE times), if at the time of startup of the spread to the outside will be able to play very good secret effect. But as long as the spread of small communications headquarters timing of return, will be able to know where, through no return Communicator. In addition, due to the GN particle beam weapons can be applied to, gundamfor other countries that are not so stiundam X3 in other aristocracy faction in support, and with Jupiter President of the Empire, Ancient Lake Si ‧ Du Jiaqi be decisive. Bella • Ronagundamldo (ベ ra · ro ナ) 28-year-old leader of New Cross Onslaught Pioneer mothership captain. Former king of Babylon female universe, that is, before the “Mobile Suit Gundam F91” in the debut of “Sai Xili • Fiat Chad.” The founding of the war in the universe of Babylon published “egalitarian” speech, leading to the founding of the empire and war-oriented split end. After the imperial ambitions of Jupiter found, abandoned the “Sai Xili • Fiat Chad” status, and use the “Bella ‧ Rhone” is the name of the ian Empire Cross Pioneer elite, but atrocious practice Empire dissatisfaction betrayal, joined Bella a pedestrian. Bu the boat of illegal gundamimmigrants hiding. Way is to make up the encounter or students Tobia, so the odds of eventually hid the pirate mothership. No person on the back of the hand is generally used to identify the identity of Jupiter’s position in the digital tattoos carry the pendant is a mother’s possessions, but also proof of the identity of the princess. Xue Lin Dayton • Ronaldo (Sigma ェ ri nn nn ド · ro ナ) Bella • Ronaldo’s cousin, is currently on the table aristocracy supporters elected leaders. Strong ability of new human beings, human beings have gathered new or have their qualities of people, and give up the old man’s thoughts. Originally commissioned by pirates Gundam X3 transported to Bella and others, but do not want the war to continue to expand in the next, take the oppo Tobia before the final battle sent her a letter, which describes the Tobia experience and views of the earth on the new man and the old man’s. President Jupiter Jupiter Empire Empire [edit] GRACCHUS • Deka Qi (Kuraray ッ ku su · ド uniconazole ga チ), spent 70 years time will be constructed mentor circle Jupiter habitable environment. These 70 years, the plight of the Earth laps Jupiter circle indifference circle Jupiter after forming a political marriage of poor forced to circle Jupiter vassal. Let Du Jiaqi circle the Earth due to the rich resources of this resource and margin born full of hatred and arrogance and a sense of inferiority. As a result, Du Jiaqi circle of the earth to keep nice friendly neighbor image on the surface, in private circles Jupiter shift up and down relationship developeman capabilities very desirable, even after being exposed the identity of the members of the Jupiter Empire, the desire to win is still Sanfanliangci Tobia to his command. Finally, the new man, personally led troops and Tobia war, defeat death. Barnes • Gangzibake (Information found ー nn nn DANGER · ga ー Information found gundam ku) Jupiter Empire Captain

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