gundamLauncher ) × 1 iron marker (beam shield) × 2 rider Jin Kaidu • • Yarrow Nexus that Utopia Shakespeare Wumeng • salmon new Cross Pioneer ace MS, the body’s number XM-X1, the main driver for Jin Kaidu • that black. Manufactured by SNRI and illegal immigration to New Cross Pgundamioneer were real test. SNRI internal formal models for F97. Characterized by a large and prominent igundamn the back of the cross-shaped movable propeller, close to the orid Hikaru ka nn gun) each equipped with one side of the head, totaling two. Scissors-type anchor (Sigma za ーgundam nn ka have) deformation skirt made by former guard anchor the front of the clip-like structure that can be used to capture an enemy or a fixed body. ABC Cloak (ABC ma nn Suites (Anti Beam Coating Mantle)) can be a way to offset the evaporation surface of the cloth beam weapons attack plug armor can withstand a 5-rmed “Muramasa Blade.” Armed arm I force field generator (wrist Igundamィ Hikaru ド prix raw device) equipped with a right-hand man, refracted light beam weapons, defensive excellent results, X3 and even bare hands to seize the beam can be used wisely. There are obvious defects cooling time is longer than the start time of [1], experiments imply strong armed. Muramasa Blade (Rousseau サ • bu ra ra ma su center have) while fighting with a sword-like weapon and shooting functions. Body function approximation beam rifle, in addition to shooting, the muzzle (the top part of the blade) is also able to generate fighting with beam blade, to improve the output even further elongy considerable thrust . Data from this machine to get the Army Jupiter is in the future an important foundagundamtion for the development of Gundam Amakusa and maneuver warfare gundam Tierney Gus. “Pirates steel bomb” for the series debut masterpiece! Rekindle the year a series of works on U.C. moved! Three years ago with the end of the empire after World War II Jupiter, Tobia and cross Onslaught members of their return to a stable life. However, the mysterious fegundammale Ouluo Ba has brought bad news – Jupiter colonial empire intended to attack Earth satellite laser cannon. In order to save this ur and PC games in many cartoonists and novelists are to participate in the creation of up series fame, and thus created a lotgundam of stories up, these works are collectively referred to as “up hero story” (Gundam • Saga) . “up” stage is in the vast universe, but this fantasy theme as vivid characterization and events depicted, pgundameople might feel the slightest depletion, the kigundamnd of real impact is unmatched by other works. (u. c0079) by Yoshiyuki Tomino Gundam ~ secret meeting (u.c0079) by Yoshiyuki Tomino gundam Gaiden ~ trembling blue (u.cled with poison gas inside Jupiter to Eagundamrth aboard the transport ship. In Jupiter is about to be silenced spy crisis Gundam appears again and saved Tobia. Tobia face full of [edit] In the “Monthly juvenile ACE” (Kadokawa Shoten ), and from 1ainst the ng soldier ings and the new awakening of the human ability to become one of the main New Crogundamss Onslaught, post stories made pirate Gder. “Mobile Suit pirate Gundam” (Japanese: mobile fighter ku ro su ボ ー nn * Gundam, English: Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam) referred CBG, is Gundam comic series works Hasegawa Yuichi, and in the monthly juvenile ACE 1994 December (first issue ) serialized in March 1997, all 27 words, pamphlets 6. There are rumored sequel short episodes of

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