[edit] Harrison • Martin (HI-ri Sunsolt nn • ma video game ィ nn) Earth Federation Army 17th Tactical Squadron Captain, mass production of steel shells F91 Force captain, driving a blue Gundam F91 trump card driver, there are “federal the blue flash title (Federal の い green flash) “, and was the first to magundamke use of expert X1 金凯杜 beam shield. Cross on the stand and the new vanguard in a hostile state, but in the battle and Jupiter Empire, and instantly understandgundam杜 Jupiter, who assault carrier’s intention and cover the sidelines to help gundamand Tobia manufacturing into Jupiter Mothership opportunity. The debut of the body [edit] New Cross Pioneer [edit] XM-X1 \ F-97 Skull Gundam X1 (ku ro su ボ ー nn * Gundam X1, CROSSBONE GUNDAM X-1) Zhu Yuan skull Gundam X1 ku ro su ボ ー nn * Gundam X1CROSSBONE GUNDAM X-1 Type designation XM-X1 (SNRI internal model: F97) belongs to the universe pirates Pioneer → new Cross new Cross Pioneer residual cosmic pirate party build naval Zhan slightly Institute (SNRI) production patterns test machine head height 15.9m weight 24.8t fULL contribute 5,280kW thrust 25,000kg × 4 (maximum 30,000kg × 4) armored ceramic composite material Gundarium high alloy material Vulcan cannon armgundamed beam saber × sides of the waist, can also act as a grenade launcher , transmitter includes nuclear and other warheads. Buster Gun (za nn Information found su center have) style flintlock pistol similar beam pistols. Beam Zanber (Bldg one woods za nn Information found have) accelerated particle beam saber, beam shape to generate approximate machete blade after pirates use. In addition to the higher power of the beam saber, but also will Minovsky longitudinal acceleration of pgundamartics is set when the core fighters on both sides of the machine first, set in the shoulders of the rear combination light gun, pull out when the beam saber after use, and general UTV little differences. Iron marker (beam shield) (STAB ra nn ド • ma ー ka ー (Bldg one woods Silicone Hikaru ド)) equipment in the hands aditional armed, armed with lances on the base of the tapered cylinder combination machine gun. Except when fighgundamting weapon, but also as close as the use of fire arms in the distance. Part of the structure like a Russian doll Barrel can be used as the outer part of the quality of weapons annon. In order to save this urgent crisis, Tobia launched seven people pathos and blood of battle to save the country! The story nearly future as a stage, in this day and age, able to manipulate Combat Gundagundamm model “model Gundam Battle ‘game is quite popular. Iori sincere protagonist, is a favorite Gundam model, and dreams of one day to participate in the World Series of bomb model Versus Gundam model young players. As the only son of the modgundamel shop has produced Gundam model virtuosity, but not good at Battle of operations, always in the Battle of Gundam model first defeatedgundameer 4.2 4.1 4.3 Jupiter Empire Earth Federation Army five comics 6 comments rtunity to pay supplements secretly contacted the federal army, the federal Army Pirates won one fell swoop up, New Cross Pioneer thus d ir favorite hero or heroine lets them feel every bit as strong, smart, or beautiful as the costume’s usual 2-D inhabitant.estroyed. To forcibly recruit new human qualities have excellent Tobia, but lost to Tobia not give up, “as human beings,” the hope of a strong spirit, letting him just the latest pirate bomb X3 away. relevant works 7 8 External links Story Introduction [edit] the story happened in 10 yegundam

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