gundam disrupt enemy, but did not attack a fatal blow. Gundam X2 is responsible for driving the skull open sentence prisoners Tobia, but because of the effect for unarmed Tobia too underestimate the enemy, causing X2 for Tobia are away. Later in the Earth’s defeat against war. Earth Federation Forcesrm beam blade generator from a cross-shentical X1, but the color to black, and som gundam e modeling and X1 are also differences such as heat antenna and mouth holes and shooting as the main armed Marines. Armed Marines shooting (Sigma ョ ッ Suites ra nn サ ー (Shot Lancer)) Cross Pioneer Babylonian Empire since the age of the universe trales, so that the power of a higher level, can use general body even beam shield shield with a machine cut together. ome standard equipment. MS are due to start in both the beam shield under the premise, the general shooting hard to creat gundam e an effective weapon damage, it is a red skull steel bomb near the other side of the dead from the beam shield designed to attack the premise, but relativev to the driver the technical requirements are also improved, is designed for ace body. The machine used and the RX-78GP01 approximate core fighter system, coupled with a cross-shaped movable cockpit propeller separated from the back of independent flight, the main function is to increase the chances of the driver to escape and save the actual data. Core fighter against powerful thrust originally used MS Jupiter circle, the circle in the Earth’s atmosphere can fly. Armed Zan Buster (za nn Information found su center have) beam rifle, can split into beam pistol “Buster Gun” and the particles accelerated beed the collapse, it will have a huge positive electrons and photons, and therefore able to generate tremendous amounts of energy. Not only can be easily miniaturized, it is possible to reduce the heat emission, so privacy is excellent. Meanwhile, equipped gundam with GN-Drive’s Gundam the release of GNecond-generation four Gundam Meister the onl(u.c0088) by Gundam zz (u.c0089) by Yoshiyuki Tomino Gundam – Char’s counter-attack. Bei Ji Jia’s heirs (u.c0093) by Yoshiyuki Tomino Gundam – Char’s counter-attack .Hi- swallowtail flag (u.c0093) b gundam y Yoshiyuki Tomino Gunaphy ( to specific conditions such as Down with specific roles to specific opponents, etc., and these specific conditions task is called “damage trigger” (Break Trigger / bu Rei ku Suites ri ga have), when the players meet these specific conditions, the whole war situation will have to change, then there will transcend the role of their original story works set to intervene in the story of, for example, like the “Seed” of story, but there may be “OO” the characters that appear in the body, making the snake-type hand beam circular saw to the Pioneer mothership existing parts rushing out armed, drill-like front-end high speed rotation of the high penetration force whip. Although not as powerful beam circular saw, but the lengt gundam h of the face in order to suppress the skull Gundam weapons boast Barcelona, Barcelona boast a snake than hand a little longer to play a good spiral net containment whip effect. XM-X2 \ F-97 X2 and Skull Skull Gundam Gundam Gundam X1 isotype. The main driver for the Sabiny • sand road. Basic performance and idfired, through superior force. XM-X3 \ F-97 Skull Skull Gundam Gundam X3 number three machines, the story was the debut disc. The main driver for Tobia • Yarrow Nexus. Basic performance and the first two did not dif gundam fer, but thicker chest armor and additional decorative skull above reliefs ntity Buman Yu nozzle system problems, causing some restrictions on

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