gundam ame in up to three different colored sprues These kits lacked articulation and detail and required glue and paint to build and finishFollowing the completion of the TV series line Bandai introduced the MSV (Mobile Suit Variation) line featuring alternate variants of the series’ mobile suits One ofh anniversary of the franchise in 1999 Bandai releasgundamed 1:144 First Grade (FG) kits of mobile suits from the original series Marketed as budget models these snap-fit kits featurgundamed the simplicity of the original kits but with more modern designs based upon the corresponding Perfect Grade kits2000s introduced a new type of a non-graded (NG) 1:144 model with a completely different design plan While these still feature snap-fit and color molding they omit major joints opting instead to only allow critical pieces to move—typically the neck hips shoulders and feet These are budget models usually retailing much lower than other models;  Gundam FIX figures are designed to be true to Hajime Katoki’s vision and as such often adopt design elements and styli larity of this line was gundamso great that a lot of old and new kits from non-graded series were cast as Master Grade modelsThough the name of “Master Grade” is wide-known because of Gundam but it is not Gundam exclusivll EG kits are made in China The series was discontinued after its first run Back in Japan Bandai introduced the Advanced Grade (AG) line for a budget linegundam that focuses more on the arrangemeich must be cut out before assemblying a line of kits from the series the 1985 kit line incorporated the use of polycaps (soft plastic typically ) as connectors for better articulation of joints Thut.Scale:1/100Regular Prigundamce:2500 yenSeries:1/100 SEED DESTINY 21Sales Price:2125 yenItem code:2077702Points Acquired:63po ng found throughout his artwork The Fix series caters to Gundam fans who enjoy the scale possibility and durability of the MSiA line but seek tgundamhe extensive details and variations that can often only be found in the Master Grade Gundam model-karator’ tool gundamalternate variants of the series’ mobire usually much higher than their regular-release counterpartsNon-plastic[] has also released some Gundam under their branch B-Club These models are composed of unpainted with no decals provided often needing modification by the modeler due to the inherent properties of the manufacturing process While comparably more expensive (some surpassing $400) compared to plastic kits they offer an unparalleled level of detail for the dedicated and experienced model builderA few select kits have also appeared manufactured from metal These kits are offered by several different manufacturers and most commonly will result in a finished model of about MG coloured models and the warships need minimal assembly An earlier line of model the High Grade Mechanics with a scale of 1:550 held a similar function in introducing large mobile units but the line only consist of 3 mobile units from 008s started based on the Gundam mechanical designs of and his ‘Gundam FIX’ illustration artbook and are released by a ‘s characters based toys li non-gra mechas in and Bandai also released a line featured a series of character figures from and under the nainued in the 1990s) Mostgundam kits of this line are from the series and the series1:144 scale[]The very first kits have been running for 30 years (starting with )

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