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lysis 11 Fourth, the rapid developmentecommerce website singapore of electronic com6 IV  United States E-Commerce degree of competition analysis of 1 V,  US mobile shopping spending forecasts  Section 2 – Britain, the world’s leading e-commerce UK  Second, the British online shopping spending is the highest in2 Third, the British Retail Shopping heat driven growthecommerce website singapore 2 Fourth, the 2 British mobile e-commerce is developing rapidly in other countries 26 Section IV a Singapore government urged the development of electronic commerce 26 Second, the rapid development of e-commerce in  France 2 Third, the  review of the development of e-commerce in Korea  IV. 5 Japanese carrier force e-commerce Chapter Three Chinese e-commerce industry Summary Section 6 a Chinese e-commerce developme development of e-commerce Psychological Factors 8 Third, the modern enterprise e-commerce Strategies 99 IV 201 101 Internet users in China e-commerce users a research, in 01 the overall size of Internecommerce website singaporeet users in China 101 Second, in 1 the scale of China’s mobile phone users 10 Third, the 201 provincial Chinese netizens 10 ecommerce website singaporeFourth, in 20 China’s rural netizens 106 Fifth, the 201 survey of online shopping user consumption 107 V 108 a e-commerce market competition, 201 E-commerce competition features 108 II 201 e-commerce market competition pattern 110 Third, in 20 the electricity supplier and striving quality brand incubator 111 Fourth, the 20 analysis of the development of e-commerce giant 112 V. electricity supplier in 201 war is inevitable upgrade 11 Sixth, 201 E-Commerce We will begin a new round of reshuffle or 115 seven 201 Warring States hegemony vertical electric provider 116 VIII 201 electricity suppliers from price competition to competition in the industry chain of China’s major areas VI 118 Overview 1 a e-commerce development, Zhejiang Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan e-commerce industry 1 Second, e-commerce transactions in 1 in Shaecommerce website singaporenghai 11 Third, in 1, Chongqing e-commerce industry  Section 177 of 2B e-commerce strategies and solutions 19 a comprehensive enterprise class B existing problems 179 two, B2B electronic Business Website Optimization Problems 10 Third, 2B e-commerce site optimization strategy 2 Fourth, third-party 2B e-coecommerce website singaporemerce platform for the development of e-commerce strategy 182 Chapter VI Section other operating mode B2C (business to consumer) 186 a, BC Mode Overview 16 two, BC e-commerce model 18 three specific categories, in 21 China B2C market turnover 88 Fourth, 212C industry structure data: platform and self-190 V. February 21 domestic BC website traffic rankings 191 Sixth, in 21 China will become the second 12 electricity supplier seven global market, 21 2C electricity supplier is expected to profit 19 VIII, in 20our e-commerce on a business e-commerce threat to traditional dealers 2 Second, the impact of e-commerce marketing beyond the traditional marketing of electronic commerce on business costs 27 Section 27 First, the cost of enterprise e-commerce applications require dialysis 28 Second, the role of e-commerce inecommerce website singapore the e logistics countermeasure 1 Fifth, the development trend of e-commerce logistics indus15 Fourth, measures to safeguard the security of e-commerce 16 V. Discussion Section  e-commerce network inecommerce website singaporeformation security e-commerce security solutions a,2 e-commerce two major information security technology, e-commerce and digital certificates authority 2 Third, e-commerce information security protocol 27 Fourth, secure electronic commerce enterprise information security measures 8 Section 0 a e-commerce site, e-commerce sites tole e-commerce security, mobile e-commerce information systems security overview  Second, the mobile e-commerce security Payment 6 Third, mobile e-commerce information systems security trends  Fourth, mobile e-commerce security risks  V. credit system mobile e-commerce security technology solutions V a e-commerce, e-business credit building The imporecommerce website singaporetance of 6 two, four Chinese e-commerce credit mode  Third, China’s e-commerce credit problems existing 8 Fourth, to strenmmerce legislation select 0 Second, the Chinese e-commerce law 05 legislative princerce 09 Fifth, the policy of reform China’s legal environment for e-business policies focecommerce website singaporeus on e-commerce enterprises 10 Chapter XIII Analysis of Global Sources Section 1 Introduction 2azon Alibaba operating conditions, About  Second, the 201 analysis of the operating conditions of Alibaba 19 Third, the 201

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