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A Freight Broker – The Middleman Bringing Together Shippers And Carriers Author : Tir Bid Submitted : 2010-05-04 00:07:57Word Count : 515Popularity: 8 Tags: Cargo air freight Shipping, Low Rice Moving, Freight, Loads, Disounted Car Shipping, Heavy Equipment Transporters, Logistic , Freight Brokers. Author RSS Feed A freight broker is an entity or a company that brings together a shipper that requires transporting merchandise with an authorized motor carrier that wants to provide the service. A freight broker falls under the category of transportation intermediary, which is a air freight company that is neither a shipper nor an asset-owning carrier, but plays a dominant role in the movement of cargo. Brokers provide a crucial and useful service to both motor carriers and shippers. They help carriers fill their trucks and receive a commission for their efforts. They provide valuable assistance to shippers in finding credible motor carriers that the shippers might not have otherwise known about. In air freight fact, some companies use brokers as their traffic department, permitting the broker to synchronize all their shipping needs.Brokers aren’t new people to the trucking industry; they’ve been around since the industry itself began in the early air freight part of the 20th century. Before the 1970s, however, regulations governing brokers were so restraining that few firms were willing to even try to gain entry into the industry. But with the remarkable changes in the federal transportation policy air freight during the 1970s, regulatory restrictions were simplified, giving rise to new entrepreneurial opportunities in the third-party logistics arena.An industry so vast and diverse requires a wide range of participants to flourish. Some of the titles of the air freight players in the freight brokerage business may be a bit perplexing, and some of their responsibilities may overlap. But to keep things as transparent and simple as possible, let us look at who the key players are and what are their duties: ?Freight broker: A freight broker is the middleman who brings together shippers and carriers.?Shipper: A shipper is a person or company that has air freight offers truck transportation. There are two kinds of motor carriers: private that is a company that provides truck transportation of its own cargo and for hire that is company that is paid to provide truck transportation of cargo belonging to other companies ?Freight forwarder: time and again confused with freight brokers, freight forwarders are considerably different. Forwarders basically take possession of the air freight goods, amalgamate numerous smaller shipments into one large shipment, then organize for transport of that larger shipment using different shipping methods, including air, land and water carriers.?Import-export broker: These people are catalysts for importers and exporters. ?Shipper’s associations: Shipper’s associations are non-profit, cooperative organizations created by shippers to reduce transportation costs by pooling shipments. Shipper’s associations operate in a manner very alike to that of freight forwarders, but their service is restricted to their members and is not available to the general public.In a perfect world, each entity in air freight the industry would manage its conventional role and that’s all. However, the transportation industry is changing so drastically that once-distinctive lines are hazing. Also, it’s quite customary for a successful freight broker to expand his or her business by developing subsidiaries or additional companies that offer various freight services. Author’s Resource BoxTir Bid is the author of this article on Heavy air freight Equipment Transporters. Find more information about Freight Brokers here. tination where it has extended its service. There are several advantages of choosing a reputed and reliable international air freight service provider. One by one they are mentioned below:- A greater number of destinations: If you choose a renowned air freight international air freight service company, then your product will easily reach to several countries and not to a handful of foreign destinations only. This facility is advantageous for both a al Air Freight Company Assures High Service Author : stuart martin Submitted : 2010-07-07 07:01:05Word Count : 586Popularity: 29 Tags: International container shippi a long time experience in this field. It must have a proven track record as to providing the quality service for many years. Reputation speedily spreads by mouth.ls


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