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y it at the foreclosure auction. Most investors seem to prefer buying before the property Hong Kongauction.  Real estate investors generally will not pay more than 70% of the current fair market value of the property minus repairs and renovations.   property Hong KongYou may ask, ‘once I have the property, how can I sell it in this terrible housing market?’. Simple, don’t get GREEDY! Sell the property for 85% of it’s current fair market value. You’ll need to make sure it looks *real* good, usually paint and carpet (which should have been negotiated into your purchase price). Advertise property Hong Kongin the news paper, real estate publications and with about 40 small signs around the neighborhood. Offer real estate agents 3% if they sell it for property Hong Kongyou. Alternatively, you can sell it very quickly to another investor for a lower price, say 75%.   The housing industry is in alot of trouble right now. But property Hong Konglike most things, a balance is naturally being established and in a great part, by real estate investors. Yes, today foreclosures abound, but many pe of moneyresources/documents/info-flash07.html?project=housingInv07-0604&h=540&property Hong Kongw=750&hasAd=1  2.  Author’s Resource BoxMarl K. Atkins is an Internet marketing consultant specializing in the promotion of small to medium sized businesses. Florida Web Design Firm – OThe Pain Of Closing Costs   Author : Shaun Greer Submitted : 2008-07-23 00:00:00    property Hong KongWord Count : 541    Popularity:   27 Tags:   sell my house, sell my house fast, buy my house, we buy houses, house value, avoid foreclosure   Author RSS Feed Closing costs can be one of the trickiest things new home buyers property Hong Kongface when purchasing a property. It is the hidden costs and surprise jack-in-the-box that pops up just as your hopes that the purchase is finally complete and have been set in place. Closing costs are the reason that many people turn to alternative methods for selling or buying a home, such as with For Sale By Owner or just listing it on a free advertising space online like Craigslist.  While it property Hong Kongmight seem silly to let your home sale be dependent upon a website like Craigslist, it can be a successful, and more affordable way to sell or buy your home by avoiding closing costs.  Closing costs are the fees that the seller and buyer pay during the closing process, including the costs that the seller will pay to both their realtor and the realtor that you use to find their home. The savvy home seller will factor these closing costs into the final price for their property, making the price increase. If you can find a home that is being offered through an alternative method of sale like For Sale By Owner, you can forego these closing costs and save thousands of dollars in realtor fees. Of course, on the other hand, you will not have the expertise and assistance of the realtor throughout your home buying or home selling experience.  In addition to the realtor closing costs, the fees that are put into a mortgage at the last hour can also add up. For this reason, the final cost of a new home might be significantly larger on closing day than the home buyer expected. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has been monitoring ways to regulate how lenders can put these additional fees into the mortgage as a way to safeguard future homebuyers from these unexpected increases. Since all of the little property Hong Kongpieces add up, regulating the final closing costs can become yet another way the real estate and lending market will stabilize after all of the recent slumps and uncertainty.  If you are looking to refinance your home, you should call your existing lender first. By calling the lenication fee, appraisal fee, document property Hong Kongpreparation fee, recording, underwriting and more. Lenders are required to give a good-faith estimate on the closing costs within three days of the loan application. Look over these numbers to see what you can negotiate ahead of time to say money. Author’s Resource BoxSell My House to a local home buyer?The Pain Of Home Over-Improvement   Author : Shaun Greer Submitted : property Hong Kong2008-08-07 00:00:00    Word Count : 524    Popularity:   33 Tags:   sell my house, sell my home, sell my house fast, buy my house, we buy houses, house value   Author RSS Feed Upgrade youthey might have taken on too many home improvements and priced themselves out of their neighborhood.  There is much more inventory on the market currently than there was during the real estate boom. property Hong KongFor this reason, home buyers are less and less impressed with granite countertops and custom design work. However, for the sellers who have spent thousands with the hope that the improvements would help them sell their homes fast and for more money, a nightmare awaits. Upscale renovations are now returning roughly 70% of t

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