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It consists of visuals and lectures along with interactive ‘Do-it-now’ sessions virtual patchingwhich enhance the IQ of the learner rapidly. Ever since e-learning training sessions have begun in India, things have become relatively easy. The virtual patchingtimeframe for learning a course has become much less along with a user friendly and interactive medium which is close to a real world classroom. Author’s Resource Box E-learning Company India | E-learning Solutions | Software Developmentvirtual patchingE-Learning Programs Author : chetan kumar Submitted : 2008-06-24 00:00:00 Word Count : 631    Popularity:   17 Tags:   online education, education, study, ebook, tips, ads, training, Make Money Online, Work At virtual patchingHome, Home Based Business,   Author RSS Feed In past, online virtual patchinglearning programs suffered high dropout rates and poor satisfaction of students because of the tedium of endlessly sitting alone at a computer working through exercises without social stimulation. But with the advent of inexpensive, robust and feature rich Voice Over Internet Protoesponder software is very well capable of performing. Author’s Resource BoxPeter Garant is an Internet security and Online consultant serving as a system admin for many sites and writing articles like Getting the Mon Submitted : 2010-10-19 01:58:24    Word Count : 420    virtual patchingPopularity:   16 Tags:   Top Online Casinos, Online Casino Gaming, Gambling Casino Online   Author RSS Feed Gambling enthusiasts love casino slots. That is why the top online casinos have showcased video slots at their online gambling platforms.  Casino slots are undoubtedly the real attraction at the land-based casinos. Its demcol (VOIP) and video conferencing software that situation is very rapidly changing.  More and more frequently, institutions are brining an virtual patchinganimated, personal element to their electronic learning programs through the use of voice to voice communication of electronic video conferencing. With the continuing growth of faster, less expensive video-conferencing hardware and software and the rapid expansion of broadband access has made video conferencing for educational purposes more accessible than ever before.  The virtual patchingequipment requirements of online learning and video conferencing continue to drop, giving the flexibility of using a $30 web camera or the most expensive networked video camera that a user cares to purchase. This technology is now being utilized by many other sectors, but its broad applicability in the online learning field is very clear.  Giving the ability to co-operate in new and unique ways, through new concepts such as “Wiki’s” which allow users with correct access to edit and re-edit information on a subject, as well as virtual whiteboards on which many users can work at once, technology is providing online learners with engagement and co-operative learning advantages not even presently available to institutional students.  Because of the new methods of collaboration offered by distributed internet technology, video conferencing, “Wiki’s”, and other advancementsecause of these technological advances, electronic learning is coming to be regarded as highly as institutional education despite early resistance from traditional bricks-and-mortar educational institutions. As technology continues to advance, the lines between online and offline worlds continue to blur, with full-time institutionally enrolled students taking electronic courses over the summer or in addition to their regular courseloads ar is inherent to the system. Online education provides the students with the broader choice of subjects and the learning process can be exercised as per the wish of the student. Here a note must be given that online education is best for those who have reached the secondary level of education. At this stage a direct guidance from a live teacher in front is not that required. A virtuallt because you











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