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etition and ultimately lower prices for consumers while ※making the pie bigger,§ freight companybenefiting both the United States and global economies.Flexible Structure & The Go Global AgentOur most valuable assets are our highly talented freight companyand versatile people. The organizational structure gives our employees the flexibility to communicate effectively and allows constant improvement to be sought and developed. At the heart of the organization is the Go freight companyGlobal Agent. The agent is responsible for fielding business, effectively matching customer needs with appropriate solutions, following and tracking client accounts to ensure 0% errors and 100% satisfaction. Our people know when to use their own knowledge to solve a problem, and how to leverage the freight companyknowledge of the Go Global team and the latest information technology to find effective and creative solutions to problems. Because of this flexible structure, if a customer requires something we don*t offer, perhaps a freight companyspecialized type of consulting, we can quickly find the most efficient solution through our large network of partner companies. Go Global Logistics not freight companyonly provides individualizes consulting, customs broker services, US Customs import and export clearance, freight forwarding, supply chain design, and every custom logistics solution your company requires to compete effectively in the global economy.Are you ready to Go Global? Author’s Resource BoxGo Global Logistics US based company provides logistics solutions, consist of customs clearance, customs broker, freight forwarding, 3pl, 4pl, supply chain management for international trade in Boston, Massachusetts and New Zealand. Port of Boston offers freight companycontainer shipments via ocean freight, also serving for air freight and Rain & Roe Author : Harmeet KohliSubmitted : 2007-05-24 00:00:00  Word Count : 832  Popularity: 27 Tags: Shipping Industry Articles, Knowledge Center, Supply Chain Articles, Logistics, Rail, Roads, railroads, Truck autos, fright forwarding, Air Cargo Arti  Author RSS FeedContainerization is an inter-modal system of transporting the freight companygeneral cargo or product in lots which are too small for the traditional bulk transport system, using ISO standard containers. The goods can be easily moved from one location to another in these containers which can be loaded intact onto the container ships, trucks, railroad cars and planes.The concept of containerization is considered as the key innovation in the field of logistics which has revolutionized freight companyfreight handling in the twentieth century.Benefits of ContainerizationGoods in lots which are too small for the traditional bulk transport can be moved using containers.Containerization is best option for high-value and delicate cargo as it provides safety from human and natural factors.As containers are moved intact, substantial amount of time and labor cost is saved which would otherwise have incurred in loading and unloading goods.It prevents poor handling of goods that results from bulk transport systems.Containers can act as mode of storage anywhere along the transport route.Container ships provide regular service to overseas ports, thus it minimizes the waiting time.Containerization reduces the transit time which not only offers a means of marketing for the producer that bulk systems cannot provide, but also helps to reduce the inventory costs and increases reliability. Following part explains the containerization in past, present future:The carrying of containers through ships started in 195tion of Interstate Commerce Commission’s regulatory, deregulation of maritime rates, trucking and railway it became possible to develop fully integrated system.Present Today containerization has become the integral part of logistics. It has revolutionized the cargo shipping. Today, nearly 90% of non bulk cargo moves by containers put on transport ships. One fourth of world*s total containers start from Chin1 between Alaska and Seattle. The first purpose built container ship the Clifford J. Rodgers was built in Montreal in 1955 which was owned by the White Pass & Yukon Route. In its maiden trip it carried 600 containers between Skagway, Alaska and North Vancouver, British Columbia. These containers could be moved by rail, truck and ships. This way gradually, the whole inter- modal system started opersome to ride out the





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