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e characterized by ※old school§ business practices. Go Global is involved in many air freightof the fastest growing markets in the world such as Asia and Western Europe where the market is expected to grow 33% over the next five years. It is projected that after five years, 3PLs (third party logistics providers) will handle more than 57% of the sectorair freights supply chain requirements. This provides tremendous growth opportunities for Go Global.Go Global is also slowly expanding into the African markets as the infrastructure and problems with governmental air freightcorruption improves. Foreign Direct Investment in Africa has been steadily rising, a sign that it will soon be a viable target market for Go Global Logistics. In 2006, FDI increased 26.5% to $38.8 billion. If this trend continues to develop, Africa may be the next China of international trade, and Go Global hopes to be there to ride the wave.? Sowinski, Laura. ※What Supply Chain Execs are Buying, Where Theyair freightre Skimping.§ World Trade. Sep. 2006.?    Commercial Motor. ※Significant air freightPotential for Third-party Logistics.§ Reed Business Information. 15 Mar. 2007.?        Panitchpakdi, Supachai. ※Investment in Africa: The Challenges Ahead.§ International Trade Forum. Issue 1/2007.Redefining the MarketMost small and mid-sized businesses search for 3PL providers on the internet, where 3PL advertising air freightcoverage is abysmal. Upon performing an online search for ※customs broker§ ※3PL§ or ※logistics,§ the results yielded are generally unrelated to the air freightservices businesses are seeking. Go Global plans to capitalize on this by establishing a strong online presence with user-friendly information geared towards businesses new to international trade. By providing innovative features that are valuable to our customers like the Go Global Online Marketplace, we attract a wide range of businesses seeking to or already engaged in international trade. The air freightGo Global Marketplace is redefining the market by creating a centralized online marketplace allowing importers and exporters across the globe to connect and trade in a secure and efficient platform.By providing low cost, scalable, online services with the same level of visibility available from the largest 3PLs, Go Global is redefining the world of international trade and supply chain services and continues to empower small and mid-sized businesses to compete on the global stage.Author’s Resource BoxGo Global Logistics US based company provides, customs clearance, customs broker, freight forwarding, third party logistics (3pl), 4pl and supply chain management for international shipping & trade in Boston, Massachusetts and New Zealand. Port of Boston offers container shipments via ocean freight, also serving for air freight and Rail & Road freight.air freightErp Software Solutions For Garment Manufacturing Industry Author : snajay indusmediaSubmitted : 2009-08-30 23:59:40 Word Count : 501 Popularity:   9 Tags:   Erp solution, erp solutions, erp software, erp system management, apparel erp, garment erp, textile erp , garment software, textile software, apparel supply chain, apparel supply chain management software  Author RSS FeedQuality assurance E-smartx goal is to create innovative, world-class erp solutions that match the international quality standards. E-smartx erp solution has adopted a strong quality culture encouraging continuous quality improvement and process innovation for accomplishment. our testing methodologies flow from unit level to system level. we ensure this through various test procedures including top-down testing, bo The ※erp solutions§ for apparel and garment manufacturing gives you the following returns on investmentHow we control your cost ?E-smartx compulsory, reject excess supply, automatic debits for shortage, rejection and automatic control issue for work orders.Reduce manpower E-smartx erp solution will assign a domain expert ( support engineer) to your company. all our support engineers have an apparel industry and/or software (ERP) knowledge. This means that our support engineer EER will speak your language and understand your business concerns. we would like you to consider our support engineer to be your internal advocate within E-smartx. our support engineer &s role will start out as a project leader during your implementation of the E-smartx system. As our relationship develops, our support engineer will a


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