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Belly Button Piercing Facts Author : S Bern Submitted : 26-06-04 ::    Word Count : nail salon central1408    Popularity:   31 Tags:   girls, teens, womens, hair, fashion, jewellery, accessories    Author RSS FeedBody piercing is when a needle is put through part of the body and then a foreign object is inserted as jewellery. Eventually, the skin around the nail salon centraljewellery heals and a hole is left. The hole is the piercing. It is perfectly safe when done by professionals who are careful.DO NOT pierce your own belly button. The piercing needs to be done with a sterilized needle, gloves and other sterilized pieces of equipment.Belly button piercings may migrate within about five to ten years, and then they nail salon centralwill fall out. Belly piercings take time to heal – approx 4 months to 1 yearBelly piercing is a big decision. The following information will help you make a decision that’s best for you. Make sure you go to a reputable piercer and see your doctor if nail salon centralyou have symptoms of an infection! Which piercing salon to use?You should ask friends and relatives with piercings where they went and if they liked the place.Is the salon clean and safe as this can help you keep healthy after getting your nail salon centralpiercing, and prevent you from contracting diseases? Is it well lit so the piercer can see well while working? You should feel safe there.Do they wash their hands and use sterile gloves and instruments? All the instruments should either be brand new and nail salon centraldisposable (meant to be thrown away after one use) or be sterilized in pouches. If disposable needles are used, you should see him/her open sealed packages of the needles! The piercer should throw away the needles in a biohazard container after using them. If disposable needles are not used the salon should have sterilization equipment on nail salon centralsite, which you should ask to see. If they refuse to show you, go somewhere else.A piercing gun should not be used (except on ears) because it cannot be sterilized properly. If the salon uses a piercing “gun” to do body piercings…LEAVE!!Look nail salon centralfor a salon that has a large choice of jewellery. The salon should not tell you what kind of jewellery to have.What kind of jewellery should you buy?Only jewellery made of a non-corrosive metal, such as: surgical stainless steel is safe when you first have your piercing done. It is least likely to produce a foreign body reaction or infection in the nail salon centralskin. Other choices for when you first have your piercing done are metals like solid gold (at least 18k), titanium, or niobium. All of these cost more than surgical steel. For people who are extremely sensitive to metal, Teflon or nylon piercings may be used. Gold plated jewellery should NOT be used.RegulationsSince the law is different in each country, you will need to find out what the law in your country says about:? Minimum age for belly piercing? Whether or not you need parental permission to have a piercing? What qualifications and regulations the salon should have and should be displayedHow is it done and does it hurt?Immediately before piercing, the piercer should wash and dry his or her hands and put on latex gloves. The gloves should be worn at all times during the procedure. If the piercer leaves the procedure and touches something or returns later and you haven’t seen everything he or she has done, ask them to put on new gloves. An experienced piercer uses a hollow needle to create a hole by passing the needle through the body part you want pierced. The body jewellery is then inserted through the hole. Sometimes there can be a small amount of bleeding. You should not take aspirin or any pain medication that contains aspirin the week before any piercing is done, since these medicines may cause you to bleed a little bit more than usual.As for the ‘pain’ issue. It’s going to vary from person to person as different people perceive pain in different ways. Everyone has a different tolerance level, so really you just have to experience it for yourself.The piercer should give you instructions about cleaning, maintenance, etc., if thebody suits and tights until the piercing is healedChange your bed sheets once a week to help avoid infectionDo NOT attempt to change the piercing during the healing process. When you get it pierced ask the piercer how long you need to wait before you can.Always look out for signs of infection; bad smell, discharge, redness, soreness, swelling, rash around the piercing. If you think you have an infection always go and see your doctor.Be careful with your piercing – it will take time to heal and for you to get used to it.Author’s Resource Box Visit for a wide range of hair, fashion and jewellery

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