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Taiwan Taipei hotel A Rundown Of The Disney-Owned Walt Disneyworld Hotels Author : Mac Rush Submitted : 27-03-11Word Count : 330  Popularity: 36 Tags: Disneyworld, disney world, disney hotels    Author RSS FeedA Rundown of the Disney-Owned Walt Disneyworld HotelsDisneyworld! It is certainly the most popular place that I know of for family vacations here in the United States. We have been there a few times and it is absolutely a fantastic place. I wanted to give you a rundown of the Walt Disneyworld hotels. Some of them I have personally stayed at, and others I have heard things about.1) Walt Disney World All Star Movies Resort: This is my favorite! It is based upon the famous movies. We have stayed in the “Toy Story” section twice. There was a 2 story high Buzz Lightyear right outside our room! Sorcerer Mickey sprays water out of his hands in the gigantic pool! And best of all, the prices are very, very reasonable.2) Walt Disneyworld All Star Sports Resort: Identical to the movies resort, except it is themed with sports.3) Walt Disneyworld All Star Music Resort: Identical to the movies resort, except it is themed with music. We didn’t stay here, but we did walk around the facilities. Very, very cool. Guitar-shaped pool!4) Walt Disney World Caribbean Beach Resort: We also Taiwan Taipei hotelstayed here once. This was more expensive, but was really nice. It is a step up from the others in terms of the level of fanciness. It seems to target couples and older families a bit more then those previously mentioned. Very nice!5) Walt Disney World Polynesian Resort: This is the hotel that is right outside of Epcot. The Epcot monorail actually goes through this hotel! I have relatives that stayed there and they loved Taiwan Taipei hotelit! This hotel is expensive though, but it is certainly full of “perks”!All of the above hotels feature free transportation to the Disney themeparks. You can’t beat that! Driving around Disney is a pain, and frankly is the last thing I feel like doing after a day at the park.Look for more Disney hotel reviews soon!Author’s Resource Box John Smiley is a loving father and experienced family vacationer. Did youTaiwan Taipei hotel know that you can save 50 to 75% on hotels and flights using special travel agent only rates?Read Johns unbiased review of Travel Industry SecretsA Superb Small Beachfront Hotel On Aruba Author : Ian SG Submitted : 28-12-27 03:37:12    Word Count : 591    Popularity:   34 Tags:   Small hotel, Beachfront Vacation, Taiwan Taipei hotelBeachfront Hotel, Golden Tulip Bucuti Beach Resort, Aruba, Caribb    Author RSS FeedEver thought of Aruba in the Dutch Antilles for your vacation. You need to check out the Golden Tulip Bucuti Beach ResortLooking for a small hotel, looking for a beachfront vacation, then you need to hear about Aruba, one of the most southerly islands in the Caribbean, part of the Dutch Antilles, and one of the three islands that makes up the ABC Islands. The ABC Islands consists of Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire, and they are Taiwan Taipei hotellocated just north of the coast of Venezeula in South America, and very accessible from the eastern Seaboard of the United States. The Dutch or Netherlands Antilles are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands but with full autonomy in their internal affairs.Coming here you will see a different Caribbean, because the islands are only 15 degrees from the Equator, and so are much more desert islands than lush tropical greenery islands.What is so special about the Golden Tulip Bucuti Beach Resort is that it is a small intimate hotel. To describe it in more detail you need to use the words adult only hotel, very suitable as a honeymoon hotel so children are not encouraged. When you get here you will discover very quickly that this is a place far from the masses, and more importantly their children.The Tara Beach Suites has a definite adults only policy, and is part of the 104 guest rooms and suites that the Golden Tulip Bucuti Beach Resort offers.What you are paying for here is the quiet atmosphere which makes it the perfect honeymoon hotel, http://www.sherwood.com.tw/en-us/local-guide.htm

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