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The reporter also visited some of the nail shops of the Huxi Workers’ Culture Palace and Dimei Square and found similar situations. In these small stores, the martial arts tools of the hawkers can be easily bought, which is very cheap. The reporter spent 15 yuan to buy a bottle of base oil, a scribing pen and a point pen. nail central These products are also printed with some inexplicable foreign language, or a blank, such cheap nail tools are worrying. The requirements of transformation, simple administration and decentralization are conducive to mobilizing the enthusiasm of all types of talents for innovation and creation, creating a fair environment for employment and entrepreneurship, nail central and reducing the burden of talent. Secondly, eight training and identification integrated work such as industrial Ethernet system design and management were added to meet the development needs of strategic emerging industries in Shenzhen. Thirdly, at the same time, the aerobics and other industries with small market demand were eliminated, reflecting the orientation of talent evaluation and industrial development. According to Shenzhen’s industrial structure and talent demand, the catalogue of shortages and non-short jobs was being studied. nail central The fourth is to simultaneously publish the conditions for the examination, to provide more convenient services for candidates to apply for. 2 batches of technicians and senior technicians, and 22 batches of computer high-tech exams. The identification work catalogue includes more than 200 types of work, ranging from junior workers to senior technicians. The first batch of appraisals will be accepted from March 9th, and the appraisal will begin on March 26. The relevant person in charge of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau told the reporter that compared with previous years, this year’s appraisal plan and the catalogue of work types have been adjusted as follows: nail central First, the work of barista, manicurist and other countries that are no longer included in the professional qualification management is eliminated, which is in line with government functions. MissCandy’s Christmas limited edition gift box this year, the value of the burst table, the gift box contains 3 bottles of new colors, as well as a variety of Christmas decals, even after Christmas, this color is also very suitable for everyday use. nail central In addition to the Christmas gift box, MissCandy also launched a Christmas series color – Finnish series, from the home color of Christmas grandfather, classic red and green, sparkling gold and silver embellishment, full of festive atmosphere, coming soon New Year’s Day and New Year, these colors are very suitable. It’s not just that fashion has N items, it’s fashionable for a week, and nails are like that. If you don’t believe us, you can show it to you. As long as you have collected the following nail polishes and tools, you can play at least 7 different nail art patterns as you like. Pink three-dimensional crystal manicure, it looks like Miss Joelin loves her index finger, and many of her minds are spent on the index finger A 20-year-old girl is doing a manicure next to the booth. The stall owner takes out the scythe and the polishing strip. nail central After no disinfection, she grinds the nails to the customer and also finds the primer to help the girl color. There is no place of origin, factory name, date of manufacture and shelf life on the bottom oil bottle. The girl asked the proprietress, where is the base oil produced? The proprietress said with a hand: “I don’t know, every week there are people who come to sell it, the price is very cheap.” In the “carving”, the proprietress actually took out a box of acrylic paint for painting, directly in Apply the nail surface. The girl raised an objection, and the proprietress said with a serious face that the manicure is using this. If you don’t understand, don’t take the command. If you make a patch or French manicure, there is still a problem of “unloading”. The various unloading syrups used by hawkers also make people “stunned”. After soaking them with the nail remover for a period of time, softening the patches, and cleaning them, the customers’ fingernails tend to become black and become very thin and brittle. Even the ruggedness takes a long time to grow slowly.

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