Taiwan Taipei hotel配備大型景觀窗

Under the decoration of the European-style retro appearance, the French-style elegant tone is hidden. Taiwan Taipei hotel The Taipei MO has no ambiguity in the public area. The effect that has lasted for 8 years is truly amazing: the peacock green is faintly blue, and the elegant white is replaced by Marble as an atmosphere, Today, from the six aspects of luxury, design, art, and business, Taiwan Taipei hotel hackers recommend six different styles and unique hotels. They are either hidden in the world, or unassuming, During the Taiwan event, the delegation also went to Kaohsiung City, the second largest city in Taiwan, to have a discussion with the Kaohsiung Tourism Association. Taiwan Taipei hotel It is reported that since Yantai and Taiwan opened direct flights in 2010, Yantai City Tourism System has organized Taiwan to carry out tourism exchange activities every year, promote Yantai tourism resources and products, publicize Yantai tourism image, and continuously strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan tourism industry, The heads of the tourism departments and related scenic spots in the counties and cities such as Kunyu Mountain, as well as travel agents, sorghum operators, tourism investment companies from Shandong Haomai Shandong Promotion Association, Taiwanese tourists to Yantai for tourism and leisure. Taiwan Taipei hotel On the 24th and 28th of the month, a group of 15 people from the Yantai Tourism Exchange Group organized by the Yantai Tourism Bureau went to Taiwan to conduct a five-day tourism promotion and exchange activities. The fund manager reminds investors to pay attention to the “buyers’ self-sufficiency” principle of fund investment. After making investment decisions, the investment situation caused by changes in fund operation status and fund net value will be borne by investors themselves. Before the promotion meeting, the delegation visited the relevant leaders of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, the Taiwan Tourism Association and Taiwan China Airlines, Taiwan Taipei hotel and strengthened cooperation between the tourism departments, associations and aviation communities of the two places to jointly promote tourism exchanges between the two places. Conducted an in-depth exchange of discussions. Yantai and Taiwan’s increasingly frequent exchanges of tourism have played a role in boosting the density of flights. The increase in flights has also provided more convenient transportation conditions for the exchange of tourism between Yantai and Taiwan. Taiwan Taipei hotel It will be more convenient. When I went to the famous scenic spot of Sun Moon Lake and Ali Mountain Scenic Area in Taiwan, when the forum was held with the relevant management personnel of the scenic spot, the delegation visited the scenic spot to introduce the experience of the scenic spot development and exchanged ideas on how to do well in the scenic spot. The promotion group also conducted an inspection of some rural tourism projects in Taiwan, and carefully observed and studied the experience and model of Taiwan’s rural tourism development.




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