eternity ring 訂婚戒指

After the doctor’s efforts, the ring in the boy’s stomach was finally successfully taken out, and the ring was not deformed. The doctor said that he had taken the earrings before. I didn’t expect this time to be a ring. It is really rare. Because the youngest children are curious, they like to eternity ring take their mouths to try, such as small parts of toys, buttons, coins, pins, etc. This is a way for them to recognize the world, but it is also prone to danger. There are also a small number of child deaths caused by the ingestion of foreign bodies every year. In fact, in the face of eternity ring children swallowing foreign bodies, and remember that in the process of sending medicine, can not give children water or eat. In addition, it is more important for parents to take precautions and to smother the dangers of their children in the bud. First of all, parents should pay close attention to eternity ring the child, do not let the child eat casually. Many children devour foreign bodies because parents are neglected by caregivers. Such a general idea will pose a great threat to the safety of children. Secondly, parents should learn to avoid risks for their children, and collect some dangerous items from their homes. Don’t let them get them at random, such as pills, buttons, batteries, coins, etc. There are also eternity ring some nutty foods, and it is best not to give them to the baby. Small parts on children’s toys are also checked. The doctor explained that the ring is still very sleek. If it can be discharged into the intestines, it can be discharged, but now the ring is dropped to the bottom of the stomach, because the bottom of the child’s stomach is a bucket, it can not be discharged. Therefore, parents must take care of their children and do not let these things become the killers of children. In general, children have three conditions for swallowing foreign bodies, foreign bodies in the airways, foreign bodies in the esophagus, and foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract. However, in life, many parents do not understand the first-aid method of foreign bodies, and take eternity ring some measures of course, or directly according to the operation on the Internet. Once handled improperly, it will often make the situation worse. Among them, airway foreign body is the most dangerous, because it is stuck in the throat or bronchus, it is easy to suffocate. At this time, the child will have cough, difficulty breathing, etc., with the face dark and purple, need to be treated for the first time. After seeing the film, the doctor at the endoscopy center eternity ring of the Children’s Hospital found that the ring was still in the stomach and finally decided to take it out with a net bag. Don’t let your children laugh or play when they are eating. Finally, once the parents discover that the child has swallowed the foreign body, they must not panic or operate indiscriminately. Parents should keep calm, pay attention to observe the child’s condition, see the child’s breathing and blood in the corner of the mouth, and strive to take the time to send the child to the hospital for examination.

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