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Do a good job of cutting your eye bags, so that you can easily slay the audience? The neighbor girl who was once praised as a “national first love” by the Koreans, “Xiu Zhi Li Dongxu broke up” on the Korean hot search list, is now also the “old driver” who captured the old iron. When she was young, she was very eye-catching, but unfortunately she was like all the big-eyed girls eyelash extensions hong kong. She was dark and dark, and she didn’t escape. The cut-eye bag was a minor operation, but it was closely related to our beauty. In order to be better, beautiful, beautiful, after work, homework must be done. First, cut the eye bags Note 1. Keep the surgical site clean and hygienic, do not touch the water eyelash extensions hong kong. 2. Raise your head while sleeping for three days, which can also reduce swelling. 3. Use antibiotic ointment on the wound on the eyelids once a day. 4. Prohibit violent bowing in three days, fasting a week of spicy food eyelash extensions hong kong, and not using some seafood ingredients to avoid allergies. 5. After three months, each morning and evening, 13 grams of special tissue nutrition acmete-a, after 3 months to 6 months, according to skin rehabilitation, once acmete-a, ordinary collagen No protein, no repair factor can not achieve the repair effect eyelash extensions hong kong. 6. Do not enter or leave some hot and humid environment. 7. Do not engage in intense exercise for a period of time. Every woman wants her eyes to be big and full of God, but as the age increases, the pressure of life and work increases, the skin on the face is loose, wrinkles increase eyelash extensions hong kong, and the original tight skin is no longer.As a result, the fat accumulation of the skin in the eye, the formation of the eye bags and the larger and larger, looks old-fashioned, without the slightest anger. Second, what is the eye bag eye bag, that is, the lower eyelid edema, because the eyelid skin is very thin, the subcutaneous tissue is thin and slack, it is prone to edema, resulting in eye bags eyelash extensions hong kong. There are many factors in the formation of eye bags, and they become more and more obvious with age. In general, adults, especially women, produce eye bags between the ages of 25 and 30, which is mostly the result of fat accumulation. Third, what is the cut eye bag surgery 1. Eye bags are aging, stressful performance, mainly can be expressed as bloated, loose skin, increased wrinkles, the formation of water bag structure, etc. Once formed, very stubborn. 2. Eye bag surgery refers to the removal of eye bags by surgical methods, so as to obtain dynamic eyes, the general method for cutting eye bags is to open the knife and cut. The above method is operated by experienced doctors, which can effectively remove the eye bags, firm and loose skin, and the eyes are sharp after the eye bags are cut.


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