Taipei hotel near MRT I have been to Taipei several times

Taipei hotel near MRT I have been to Taipei several times and found that there are a lot of things worth exploring in this city. No trip to Taipei City in the three trips to Taipei. The reason why this trip was called “perfect” was because I finally got out of downtown Taipei and punched the hot springs of Beitou and Jiufen of New Taipei. Taipei City MRT opens a trip to Taiwan. The MRT in Taipei is very developed. Whether it is Taoyuan Airport or Songshan Airport, there is a MRT station passing through Taipei City. Therefore, it is very convenient for Taipei to travel freely. This time in Taipei, our hotel was booked at the Triumph Hotel, 500 meters from the MRT station. The Kaixuan Hotel is only 2 subway stations away from Songshan Airport. It is not far from the National Palace Museum and Shilin Night Market. The location is very good. The Kaixuan Hotel is located at No. 55 Jiangnan Street, Neihu District, Taipei. The hotel looks like a castle. When it comes to Jiangnan Street, the foodies may have known about it. There are all kinds of snacks in Taiwan. It is a veritable snack street, and the hotel is located here. Warm Taipei hotel near MRT Warm Triumph Hotel is the fifth hotel brand created by Hongguo Group. The hotel lobby is elegant and elegant, with floral fragrance everywhere. We have 4 people, booked two rooms, one business quadruple room and one deluxe quadruple room. This is a business four-person room. If the twin room in Taiwan is a 1.5-meter bed, it is usually called a four-person room. This is different from the mainland. Taipei hotel near MRT The Triumph Hotel is currently the best boutique business hotel in the Neihu District of Taipei. In order to allow travellers to make the hotel a home away from home, there is a sofa in the room. Recreation area. Separate shower room, separate area, wet and dry separation, separate area, separate bathroom, Taipei hotel near MRT spacious bed products. The washing area is large, the shower area and the bathroom are separate, dry and wet. It is equipped with toiletries and has good lighting for the external windows. Drinks and refreshments in the small fridge are free to use. This is a deluxe quadruple room with two 1.5-meter beds. Taipei hotel near MRT The tone of the room is biased towards black and white sleek minimalist style with office and lounge areas. The lounge area of ​​the Deluxe Quadruple Room also has a sofa, but the perfect combination with the cloakroom and small fridge makes it easier and less stressful. The wash area is more spacious than the business room, still maintaining a black and white minimalist style. The separate shower room is also a bathtub, separate from the bathroom, and the wet and dry separation is done very well. The Triumph Hotel is not far from the National Palace Museum in Taipei. The National Palace Museum in Taipei is a large comprehensive museum in China, the largest museum in Taiwan, and one of the three major museums in China, studying ancient Chinese art history and Sinology. Taipei hotel near MRT By the end of 2014, there were more than 696,000 cultural relics in the collection. The Taipei National Palace Museum will replace a batch of exhibits every quarter. Some people say that every time you change the exhibits, you can’t miss it. You can’t finish it in 20 or even 50 years.


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