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The government work report mentioned “sounding the local tax system and steadily advancing the real estate tax legislation”, which is further than the previous statement. Subsequently, on March 7th, the Ministry of Finance responded to questions from Chinese and foreign journalists on “tax reform and financial work”. The real estate tax will refer to some characteristics of the internationally common institutional arrangements, and at the same time rationally design the real estate tax system based on China’s national conditions. . What are the characteristics of internationally common institutional arrangements? We have rationalized the real estate tax of major countries from various aspects such as the taxation system and its constituent elements,japan property agency and summarized the international experience of the real estate tax system, and also discussed the differential impact on the market. In order to better carry out comparative analysis, we mainly compare the real estate taxes of the countries or regions,japan property agency and the related taxes and fees for the land acquisition and real estate transactions are less involved. First, the main conclusions how to collect real estate tax? Real estate tax is levied in many countries and regions in the world. There are certain differences in the real estate tax system setting and title. However,japan property agency  it also has certain commonalities: 1 the tax base is clear and the tax rate is reasonable. Determining the tax base is an important prerequisite for doing a good job in taxation. Basically, internationally, through improving land registration and cadastre systems, we will increase tax coverage and broaden taxation. At the same time, on the basis of a broad tax base, the real estate tax rate is also reasonable, compatible with economic development, and the real estate tax rate is reduced in a timely manner when the economy fluctuates.2 The taxes involved in the real estate tax system are mostly local taxes, japan property agency which are the main source of local fiscal revenue. The real estate tax is mainly collected by the local government, and the central government only bears a small part of the responsibility. 3 The real estate tax system is unified inside and outside, the real estate tax law is perfect, and the property registration system and property evaluation system are generally established. The establishment of a value-based real estate appraisal system is one of the preconditions for the real estate tax collection, and the real estate tax is levied according to the value. 4 Informatization of tax collection and management means, information technology is widely used in the whole process of real estate taxation, including real estate registration, evaluation,japan property agency tax declaration, tax collection, tax inspection, tax administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation, etc.,japan property agency reducing the cost of taxation and improving Emission management efficiency. Table: Collection of real estate taxes in some countries and Hong Kong, China Source: China Index Research Institute’s role in comprehensive real estate taxation and impact? From the international experience, land and property taxes are one of the long-term taxes of most developed countries, which plays an important role in stabilizing government revenues and maintaining urban operations. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the overall tax policy system, whether in the short-term or long-term, it has indeed played a positive direction in the operation of the real estate market.




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