When night falls, the lights are on, and the city that is noisy for a day also opens up the bustling night nail central.

When night falls, the lights are on, and the city that is noisy for a day also opens up the bustling night nail central. People unloaded the “armed” during the day and opened the “nightingale” mode. The night economy is cultivating a habit and is also receiving a surprise nail central. At present, the economic activities in Shijiazhuang are constantly heating up, and businesses, attractions, cultural market activities are not stopped, let’s take a look nail central. In recent years, more than 100,000 migratory birds have lived here every year nail central. In this regard, Bama has built a characteristic farm through the powerful driving function of the tourist scenic spot, and used the surrounding villages as a scenic area for leisure, sightseeing and hotel culture experience. We will build a farmhouse and integrate the functions of leisure sightseeing, wonderful experience, health vacation, folklore performance and longevity exploration nail central. We can provide more than 300 poverty alleviation jobs through multi-party cooperation, supporting the content of flower viewing, picking, health care and vacation nail central. At the same time, the farmhouse and folklore tours introduced leading enterprises such as Guangxi Tourism Investment Group and Shenzhen Huaying Investment Development Co., Ltd., and transformed the past sporadic tourist attractions into global tourism covering the entire territory, in order to promote Bama’s specialties and specialty products. It was a pity that the door was locked during the off-hours. Since I was interested in Angola before, I had nothing to do yesterday. The car was parked under the shade of the gate. In order to make it look more like, I made progress from the after-sales work area. Hall, I thought it might have just come in, I haven’t found it yet, so I first look at the car of Angola, but the change is not so obvious, and the flat platform in the back row can give praise. The car key is in the pocket, I can’t see that I am the owner of the car. The lines I prepared before are not used at all, which makes me a little embarrassed. New World Development believes that Shenzhen will become the core engine for the rapid development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, while Shenzhen, Guangzhou and the entire Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area will become a dynamic and internationally influential world-class Bay Area and international technology innovation center. The project combines marine resources, urban style, humanities and art and sustainable development, and will become the most distinctive commercial complex in the region. New World China also developed the Chow Tai Fook Financial Tower in the core area of ​​Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Zone to build the landmark twin towers. At the same time, the company also participated in the old city renovation project, and it was only a few minutes walk from several subway stations. It will become a transportation hub with great potential. Attracting the top talents from around the world to meet the development needs of the construction of high-tech industry demonstration bases in eastern Guangzhou. Including the mountain village of Liwan District in Guangzhou and the village of Haizhu Nanxun, the concept of inheritance and innovation is promoted to promote urban development.





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