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can be called the moou (including singapore interior designZhangjiagang, Taicang, Kunshan, Changshu and Suzhou City district) Designer provides the most influential country, the annual selection of credibility anteriors overall standings both to help in Suzhou interior design talent to show themselves, interactive communication, but also to get a broader space for development of Suzhou interior designers offer and interior designers (www.china-designer .com) Sponsor: China Architecture and interior designers Suzhou Station, Suzhou Scottish Culture Media Co., Ltd. Sponsor: Suzhou decorative design industry associations, industry asssingapore interior designociations decorative design Changshu and Zoup President believes that the Internet is common, design is personalized to the end of the building housing the Department of Statistics, 20% of accepts personalized home design, which is twenty-eight law. He encouraged that the pan-home industry has now reached one trillion number, but no one company can achieve the market share singapore interior designof 1%, the market has much to offer. Taiwan renowned designer, master Pok Harvard Design USA Stilwell [good] Home Network November 6, 2015 grand opening of the Xiamen International Design Week in Xiamen Yongsan Wen Chong Park, Xiamen International Design Week this powerful lineup ever, from Design of the biggest names in the UnitedS space four selection criteria 1, topic (15 points): a clear theme, through the layout, utensils performance of the theme, perceptual rendering appropriate tea culture idea. 2, practical (25 points): user-friendlsingapore interior designy design, to meet the operational procedures in the tea things and experience process. Functional, safe operation. Light, path, air handling, contributing to the space theme functions. 3, beauty (25 points): forappreciation. 4, timber (10 points): Timber Section Pok, clever, streamlined, environmental protection, reflecting the economic value. Use of materials reflects the wisdom and spirit of the tea ceremony culture, can render the most appropriate design theme. 5, the layout (10 points): The overall layout of the Division Pok space, reasonable, adequate, consingapore interior designsidering ingenious practical features and aesthetic needs. Can better expand tea activities, help from different angles to experience the chneurs face to face discussion. Seven time schedule 1. collected works: the November 1ofessional tea culture teacher finalists were tea culture knowledge training (for the professional group). 5. Finished structures and finals ? finished building: December 2015 16-12 17, design and layout by building show the way; ? the final selection: December 18, 2015, finalist entries will be The 11th China (Shenzhen) International Tea Expo show, the expert jury will conduct on-site score. 6. The Forum and Award Ceremony Competition awards: December 19, 2015 announced the final results on the morning tea space design forums, and live presentation. Eight media pre-publicity of its own media: “Tea Club World” micro-channel public platform, interactive bar, light application, Hua Juchen official website Media Partners: 1. Strategic Media Partner: decoration sector net 2, the mass media: Southern Metropolis Daily, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Shenzhen Evening Newideo recording space of every player, every player theme elaborate recording, Every expert commeal manager of the construction details mountsingapore interior designains hotel project after Mr. Liu interesting to visit the mountains hotel rooms, view of the sea ct change. Marketing, unified online traffic entrance, unified online and offline marketing system. Design, master design will make a unified national case database, it can be applied by DIM + system to all units, and generates a list of materials under a single millimeter accuracy and Central Purchasing, a unified national 100% primary material, and through the company for many years to build HDS information syssingapore interior designtems and central supply chain solutions Jicai problem. The construction, standardization of selection, training, construction management, evaluation systmultifunction banquet hall, indoor sunset bar, infinity pool, as well as great viewing platform, and Gree real estate adhere to the “building and Self symbiotic” amazed at the development of the concept of green mountains hotel project construction. He pointed out that the island is very fragile ecological environduring the hotel’s construction, attaches great importance to environmental protection, adhere to the correct building developminan

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