Very few golfers know the Rules as well as they would like. My goal is to assist players to assimilate them gradually by presenting interesting information relating to a variety of Rules situations.Here are 9 quick tips taken from my CD ’99 Golden Nuggets to Demystify the Rules of Golf’ produced by GolfSwingSecretsRevealed.com, each of which could save you several strokes over the course of a year. Dun-slope Hover your club above the ground in windy conditions. Get opinions from fellow competitors on points of information. Dun-slope If there are loose impediments in the area that you are going to drop the ball you are permitted to remove them. It is wise to do so rather than have your ball come to rest against a stone or a twig. Dun-slope Also, try and drop the ball somewhere where its roll might be to your advantage. For example, it is easier to play a ball that has rolled down a slope to a smooth lie than play it off the face of a slope. Dun-slope Develop a routine to use when you are asked to mark your ball to the side on the putting green. What I do before marking my ball to the side at the request of a fellow competitor is to turn my putter round and hold it by the head rather than the grip. Dun-slope This triggers me to remember to replace my ball where it was, thus avoiding the general penalty for playing from the wrong place. Often it’s not that you don’t know what to do; it’s matter of indecisiveness. Dun-slope It’s like the fable of the donkey who starved to death because he couldn’t decide whether to eat the apple or the pear. Obviously, I’m not talking about moral issues here. If you make a wrong decision you simply make a new decision. People also remain bound or inactive because they think that the action steps that they are able to make are too small to make a difference. However, small things consistently done well will eventually lead to great results. We live in an age where we are overwhelmed with information. We experience information overload. The problem is that much of the information we receive can be misleading or just plain inaccurate. In some cases, those individuals will be quick to point out that they are not an expert in that particular field. However, others will, nonetheless, persist in giving their “expert” opinion. So, to make the fastest progress in the shortest possible time, discover the best sources of information for whatever you are aiming to learn and stick to those sources. An accountability partner is someone who holds you accountable for your actions. So, for instance, when you attend live training it helps to take your partner and or spouse with you. These are the individuals with whom you are going to have to interact with once the training is over and the harder, and hopefully more rewarding, work begins. When you and you alone know of a goal you have set, it is all too easy to slack off at times. When you have an accountability partner you will be more motivated to stick to your goals because you don’t want to be seen as a “failure” in someone else’s eyes. When Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen were promoting “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, they had a gruelling schedule of back-to-back interviews. Mark Victor Hansen admits he was close to quitting at one stage but that Jack helped to spur him on. Once you get off the bus at Sentosa Singapore you will be invaded by a whole host of options of how you will be spending the rest of the day there. Whether you are a parent with your kids, lovebirds, singles, young adults, there are so many things you can and this article will discuss some of the exciting activities that await you.



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