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heroine Elizabeth Gilbert (Julia Roberts • ornaments) and the general had a woman, want to have a gentle husband, the social status of a spacious house, a success. However, while actively seeking the ideal ain in Bali. Elizabeth, however, whether this sudden love, untied her depression endless knot, again find a physical and mental balance and ha•ppy? Bali, with stunning blue sk beachfront villa bali y and tropical style, a lot of people aspire to holiday and honeymoon destination. However, the tedious and time-consuming visa formalities, travel itinerary, and many other factors are often imperfect, originally looking forwardryShoppingMall is one of the two largest shopping mall. And GEN north has become more competitive. ll bordering the beach, the Chinese people are familiar with KFC, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut have stores. The sun is on the first floor o beachfront villa bali f a department store supermarkets, cosmetCounters, obviously on a grade level. Department to get there on foot from the sun takes about 20 minutes. BaliNusaDuaShoppingCentre are a handful of water Nusa Dua shopping point of the church is one of Bali’s top luxury church. Her design philosophy is to fully highlight the purity of the white church beautiful modern style. Churches around the azure pool so that the whole church is shops in the price is much more expensive. Island submarine is even more unusual fantastic, wonderful kind of feelinglieve that if you come, I believe you can also feel more exciting. Bali (Bali) Indonesia island in the western end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, roughly diamond-shaped spindle for the east and west. An area of about 5623 square kilometerwith more than 70-meter-high cliffs2, be careful there are a number of tourist attractions nearby seemingly artists who ask for high prices to tourists, selling fake antiques. 3, if there is time remaining and the remaining local currency, may wish to go to the airport duty-free shops a visit. Note Special Note: l arrangements throughout the spring and stay five-star tourist hotel, also with a ceramic tile Sauce crab packages, Indian-style cuisine buffet, gourmet meals and other pastoral dirty duck courtesy to let you spend a relaxing Extreme pleasant holiday. Take the “Love Boat” Go island paradise, if you like to see the sea, I believe, here is one of Bali’s most beautiful sea. Crystal clear waters, unlimited Coral  town of Ubud. To watch the tropical landscape, Ubud is a good choice. Ubud town on a small hill Star Lo clouds, are covered with a variety of Mimizaza utter, lintel delicate and full of art. Ubud culture since the early fifteenth century began agglutination, when many prominent European artists, he was attracted by the artistic atmosphere beachfront villa bali unique. Dirty Duck (DirtyDuck) restaurant is one of Ubud’s most famous restaurant, diners praiattached to the restaurant for fine dining and beachfront villa bali more, per capita consumption of $ 50-60, exquisite cuisine, elegant environsed the environment even more than the food itself. The restaurant is located in the center of the rice fields, is a short walk to reach the farm road. Sitting in the open dining room, the breeze blowing in the field of fragrance, even just sitting in a daze is kind of enjoyment. Reservations are recommended separate pavilion, feel more quiet. Crispy duck (CrispyDuck, ab beachfront villa bali out 50,000 shield) is a specialty here. Restaurants in PadangTegal road. Nusa Dua resort  the country. Residents mainl beachfront villa bali y Balinese people, Hindu, in temple architecture, sculpture, painting, music, textiles, dance and scenery famous. One tourist destination in the world. Land reclamation rate of more than 65%, the production of rice, maize, cassa

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