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, English as “Container” or “Box”. That is, a container can be loaded or box. Container was invented and used by the Americans, was first used on the railway. March 19, 1921 it first appeared in the New York City Railway Transportation Corporation. Britons to be outdone, they began to England in eight years later, in 1929 – the European mainland direct land and sea container transport. But these are Automated storage retrieval system (ASRS) Supplieronly partial, small-scale use of storage warehouse storage warehouse that is used to specify the behavior of places to store goods, warehousing process requires warehousing logistics equipment mainly includes shelves earthworm, earthworm vans, earthworm heap high car, earthworm electric forklift; warehousing is the production, circulation process due to pre-orders or pre-market forecasting leaving products, goods temporarily stored. 6 Warehouse Management Editing Effective warehouse management, in order to better pAutomated storage retrieval system (ASRS) Supplierlay their warehouse management in the supply chain. First-steps: chase Warehouse Management should have information traceability, logistics and transport to reach production shipment status with suppliers, and suppliers with the actual production scheduling shipment status convergence. Meanwhile, warehouse management and logistics providers must  / ETA connection traceability, namely:  (EstimatedtoDeparture) – leaving the number of transfer of store inventory. In this case, the cross-platform start * multiple vehicle manufacturer shipped goods; after receiving the product, if there is a tag on classification by the customer, if there is no label, press distribution sites; then, the product as “post * .- meaning of the word as Automated storage retrieval system (ASRS) Supplierthrough the” designated to the appropriate customer at the loading platform, “the trailer; Once the trailer is filled with a combination of products from multiple manufacturers after it was released transported retail stores to go. so, pay * economic interests in the site, includi/ extension repository can also participate by taking a small amount of processing or manufacturing activity, was used to postpone or delay production. Packaging or labeling has the ability to warehouse capacity can produce the product until the last one has been postponed to know when demand for the product. For exampleAutomated storage retrieval system (ASRS) Supplier, vegetables can be processed at the manufacturer, canned “polish.” On just that no label canned products, but it can use private label affixed glazing. So glazing means tha Automated storage retrieval system (ASRS) Suppliertrack warehouse operations and logicle the flow of the entity. In actual production activities, people’s attention is the use of value still exists in this part of commodities, namely recycling stream. However, in many of the emissions, a portion can be recovered is recycled called renewable resources; has lost part of the value of re-use emissions, can only be referred to the waste incineration and burial. Renewable quo 1 warehousing costs are high. Warehousing difficult is a common phenomenon throughout the logistics industry exists, strict land management policies enable warehousing enterprises to obtain increased difficulty of land, land acquisition costs and the Automated storage retrieval system (ASRS) Supplieruse of higher cost. 2 warehouse layout is not reasonable. Due to the lack of uniform national standards and professional planning and design, there are many questions that have been built around the new warehouse area. 3 storage equipment and technological development imbalances. Due to the limited investment capacity storage industry, facing a sharp increase storage needs, the shortage of new Treasury quantity, delivery vehicles, container technology, picking technology, information Automated storage retrieval system (ASRS) Supplier technology and other much-needed upgrading and transformation. 4 warehousing small-scale enterprises, low economic efficiency. This year, although the volume of business of warehousing enterprises with main ent. Development of warehousing industry, both need to have some professional and technical talents, but also need to operate talents, but also

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