here to give you a different travel guide, beautiful attractions Taiwan Taipei hotel.

Welcome to – Xiaokai takes you on a tour, here to give you a different travel guide, beautiful attractions Taiwan Taipei hotel. (Five-star: Radisson Blu Hotel, Beitou) (Please support Taiwan star-rated hotels!! Safe, legal, and distinctive. Every star is dedicated!) Going on a trip, choose a government-certified star hotel Taiwan Taipei hotel, regardless of quality and safety. Guaranteed. Today, this cat will introduce Taiwan’s top five-star hotel: Radisson Blu Hotel, Beitou. (Free shuttle bus to Beitou Station or Xinbeitou Station) Beitou is a famous hot spring town in Taiwan. It has always had a unique and charming style since the Japanese occupation era Taiwan Taipei hotel, and it is also the first choice for the suburbs of Taipei. Coming to Beitou, an hour’s drive from downtown Taipei, the hills are covered with verdant forests, and the air is filled with a slight sulphur smell Taiwan Taipei hotel, which immediately relaxes people and feels like coming to the paradise. (The shuttle bus schedule) There are many hot spring hotels in Beitou, but the “Beibei Hot Spring Hotel” is the only five-star hotel. Whether it is professional evaluation or popular vote, it is always among the best, and it is the average of the whole station. The highest price hotel. (The main entrance of Radisson Blu Hotel is next to the door is a hundred-year-old osmanthus tree.) “Laiwu” is located in the hot spring area of ​​Youya Road, Beitou. It is the highest-position hotel in Beitou. Facing Danfeng Mountain Taiwan Taipei hotel, it is surrounded by green hills and valleys. The scenery is beautiful and the seasons are beautiful. (The highest-rated hotel in Beitou)Designed by Li Zuyuan, he values the harmony between man and nature Taiwan Taipei hotel, creating a low-key and luxurious resort in this tranquil mountain, elegant and refined. There are only 66 rooms in all rooms. (Hundred Years Osmanthus Tree) Osmanthus is an important image of “Li Wei”. There are three hundred-year-old osmanthus trees in the hotel. The osmanthus-related decorations can be seen everywhere in the room. (Reception Hall) “Lai Wei” emphasizes service and is a tailor-made service. From the guest’s reservation, we will first ask for the details and needs of the stay, and prepare the itinerary and personal items (including the size of the bathrobe and indoor slippers). If you are staying with Baby, you will even prepare a bottle and other equipment, which is very attentive. (Water stage, self-timer resort) A special water stage is set up outside the reception hall, which echoes the opposite Danfeng Mountain to form a mountain and water color, which is integrated with nature. It is also the best stage for holding wedding banquets, let the newcomers go to the stage to accept the blessings of relatives and friends, and conclude a romantic vow of life.The rooms are elegant and comfortable, fully equipped, and the basic room type has 15 pings. The tranquil atmosphere makes you completely relaxed. Open the curtains, the floor-to-ceiling windows are full of greenery, picturesque. Enjoy the mountain breeze on the loungers on the balcony and teach people to forget everything about the dust.


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