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Five ancient words of love recommended: overbearing female lord, fighting the harem of the harem eyelash extensions hong kong, fascinated by the belly black man!I don’t regret when I cross the heart, and the commandment is made by me. And see her a cook, how to stage a feast! Palace girl: Niangniang, His Majesty went to Xigui, tonight, will not come to Zhaoyang Palace. When a woman heard it,eyelash extensions hong kong she suddenly angered in her chest and grabbed a pair of scissors and threw it on the ground. She said: Holding this pair of scissors to tell her majesty,eyelash extensions hong kong if he does not come to Zhaoyang Palace tonight,eyelash extensions hong kong he will not want to pass on the family. ! Not long after, I saw a man holding the pair of scissors and coming in with a black face… When the palace door was closed heavily, it made a dull “squeaky” sound, and Su Xin’s heart became more and more depressed. Many years later eyelash extensions hong kong, Su Shi will miss her at this moment, because on the road ahead, there are many hardships to ask her to cross, and many thorns want her to marry. After the storm, she knows that this moment is a minute. She can’t go back to her time eyelash extensions hong kong. When Su Shi condensed the carriage, he came to the door of a palace, and the black gold nanmu plaque was hung on the top of the red lacquered door.The dragon and the phoenix dance above the title of the three characters “Zhaoyang Palace.” Su Shijing slowly walked into the hall, and was immediately shocked by everything in front of her eyes. At this moment, she finally realized what was magnificent. Inside the hall, the cloud top sandalwood is used as a beam, the crystal jade is a light, the pearl is a curtain, and Fan Jin is a pillar. Through the hall, walk through the spacious courtyard and come to the dormitory. When Su Shijing stepped into the dormitory, he smelled a very fresh floral fragrance, surrounded by the surrounding. If the hall of the square is a magnificent luxury, then the hall is beautiful and elegant. The six-foot-wide agarwood wood bed is hung with a sacred treasure, and the embroidered sprinkled silver and silver line of the sea bream, the wind rises and shakes, like the Yunshan magic sea. On the couch is a sapphire scented pillow, covered with soft sericulture hail, stacked with jade belts. The floor is covered with white jade, embedded with gold beads, carved into lotus, blossoming into a five-stem lotus flower, the petals are fresh and exquisite, and even the flower is delicate and identifiable. The ground is actually made of Lantian warm jade, and it will feel warm when it is barefoot. It is like a step by step jade lotus.





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