Taipei luxury hotel Life story film!

Taipei luxury hotel Life story film! Shanghai Film Studio 1985 filmed the original: Lu Wenfu, screenwriter: Xu Changlin Photography: Single United States, Fine Arts: Qiu Yi Composer: Huang Zhun, editing: Qian Lihua Recording: Zhou Yunlin, Jin Fugen Starring: Zhu Autonomous – Summer, Gao Xiaoting – – Wang Shizhen Kong Bixia – Zhan Pingping, Bao Kunnian – Lu Qing Wang Xiuzhen – Chen Hongmei, Yu Datou – Ye Zhikang Zhu autonomous before the liberation is very rich, in addition to eating nothing else, even the actress Kong Bixia Taipei luxury hotel who is not interested in his favor Therefore, the title of “foodie” was obtained. His distant relative, Gao Xiaoting, hated his good taste since he was a child. After liberation, Gao Xiaoting served as a restaurant manager and changed all the famous dishes into popular dishes. As people’s lives improved, the masses unanimously demanded the restoration of famous dishes. The “foodies” who have already married Kong Bixia have come back to offer… During the Cultural Revolution, Zhu Autonomous and Gao Xiaoting were sent to the countryside to participate in production labor. After smashing the “Gang of Four”, Taipei luxury hotel Zhu Autonomous was hired as a food consultant and Gao Xiaoting became a restaurant manager. Cooking tragidies and comedies! Hong Kong Jiahe Film Co., Ltd. produced screenwriters in 1992: Du Guowei, Yu Shisheng Director: Taipei luxury hotel Yu Rentai Photography: Zhong Zhiwen, Liu Weiqiang Edit: Hu Da is the main performance: A Zhi – Yuan Zhen, Lin Feng – Dawn Bo Shu – Wu Mengda, Xiao Ai – —Shao ​​Meiqi Linfu——Liang Jiaren, Miss Guo——Chen Falong This film is the first Chinese film to put cooking on the screen, combined with kung fu juggling techniques to create a quite fresh and interesting entertainment effect! Taipei luxury hotel Hong Kong’s Taiping Lane is a famous slum. In a dangerous building, Bo Shu and his neighbors who lived in the restaurant were living. One day, Uncle Bo’s young aunt resigned from the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe and went to the nephew from afar. A Zhi practiced a good effort, and his experience in cooking in the Acrobatic Taipei luxury hotel Troupe made his cooking amazing. Uncle Bo’s restaurant was unusually fired after the arrival of Otaru. Explosive, the diners are endless. Lin Feng, the son of the rich family, left home because of his father’s anger. After being drunk, he was injured by the hooligans. Uncle Bo rescued him from home. From then on, Lin Feng’s name was buried in the restaurant of Bo Shu’s restaurant, and he decided to do something and go home. Uncle Bo’s daughter, Xiao Ai and Lin Feng, had a feeling through contact. For Lin Feng’s personality, Bo Shu was very relieved to hand him over to his daughter. Azhi’s cooking Kung Fu got the attention of a food group. They sent Miss Guo to be A Zhi’s agent and signed a contract with him to tour the cooking in Southeast Asia. Uncle Bo disagreed with Azhi and he had a dispute with him. Ah Zhi left the nephew. Without A Zhi’s “Bo Ji” restaurant, the business was bleak and there was no glory in the past. Lin Feng’s father always wanted to acquire the dangerous building where Bo Shu lived.


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