some taxis with empty lights will turn a blind eye to his beckoning lightest wheelchair ramp

When a taxi is needed, some taxis with empty lights will turn a blind eye to his beckoning lightest wheelchair ramp, which makes their trip very difficult. Some drivers refuse to carry the elderly lightest wheelchair ramp, especially the elderly in wheelchairs. It is not news lightest wheelchair ramp. Over the years, there have been public reports from various places. I always think that in the civilized atmosphere of the city, these problems should slowly go away. Who knows that the reality is still a little bit of a bone lightest wheelchair ramp. I am afraid that it is not uncommon to refuse to carry the elderly. Waiting for this is especially long, let alone some elderly people with poor health conditions lightest wheelchair ramp? The hard work of waiting for the car and the rejection, the helplessness and depression of the elderly can be imagined. The public can not tolerate the phenomenon of refusal. Like the situation of Mr. Du’s father, in addition to the bitter water lightest wheelchair ramp, it is also necessary to actively retain evidence and make complaints. Although it may be troublesome, as long as there is evidence, the relevant parties can handle it according to the rejection. If the public actively reflects and the relevant aspects are analyzed in a targeted manner, some signs can still be found. If you can’t find evidence, you can’t punish it at will, but this serious attitude can be transformed into the motivation of some drivers to improve their services. Over the years, I have left countless beautiful stories and warm heart stories. I hope that everyone can cherish such reputation and emotions, resolutely keep a distance from certain behaviors, and remind each other to jointly defend the beautiful image of Xiamen taxis. I hope that all parties will work together and resolutely say “no” to the elderly. When the team members arrived at the house, they learned that the children of the two old people are working and living in the Mainland. They are usually only the old couple, and there are many inconveniences in their lives. The task force included the elderly as the key care recipients, and the team members became the most trusted people around the old couple. In mid-June, because I had to go to my son’s house in Beijing for a while, the old couple decided to leave the keys to the team and let the team members have time to go to the house to water the flowers. Traveling is inseparable from wheelchairs, so the two old people have not been out of the house for a long time. After understanding the situation, the team members extended a helping hand.In a visit to the team members, Cui Dequan handed over his ID card and residence book to his team members. “Receiving senior citizen subsidies, entering community access control information, etc., is busy handling the procedures for the transfer of the elderly. It is necessary to help the elderly to get things done and to live up to the trust of the residents.


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