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Strengthening the prevention and control of adolescents’ vision is the most popular topic in the past two years, and it has risen to the national level eyelash extensions hong kong. Explain that the vision problems of adolescents cannot be ignored. After reading this data, it is really shocking. The topic pointed out that visual impairment not only caused GDP loss eyelash extensions hong kong, but also caused damage to national security. Among them, the total number of patients with myopia is about 450 million eyelash extensions hong kong. It can be said that almost one in three people in China suffer from myopia. Moderator Yang Mei: Faced with this data, the popularity of electronic screens, including the popularity of electronic products such as TVs, computers, mobile phones, and tablets eyelash extensions hong kong, has made young people indifferent; the host Yang Mei: How to prevent false myopia to true Myopia, from low myopia to high myopia? Director Lin Quan: Myopia can’t be cured. Prevention and control of myopia should start from a young age eyelash extensions hong kong. Starting from an early age, as children’s learning pressure increases, parents often ignore the children’s eye problems and must rest and rest at the right time. Hey, reduce the time spent on electronic products eyelash extensions hong kong. Once myopia occurs, it is necessary to go to regular hospitals and professional eye hospitals for optometry. Myopia is not only inconvenient for the child’s daily life, but also has an impact on the child’s performance. Generally, poor eyesight begins with the child complaining that “the blackboard cannot be seen”. Parents should not treat “invisible blackboard” as inappropriate. It has often been a few weeks or even months. This not only affects the child’s learning, but also delays the treatment. False myopia, which may have been restored, often develops into true myopia during this time, and the glasses can no longer be removed when worn. Moderator Yang Mei: What is the significance and effect of Orthokeratology in myopia control? What are the suitable people? Director Lin Quan: Principle: The Orthokeratology Mirror is a rigid contact lens designed with a “high permeability molecular material”. The inner surface is composed of multiple arc segments. By wearing it at night, you can get clear naked eyesight during the day and prevent myopia from deepening. Long-term use can greatly slow the growth of myopia. Adapting to the population and scope According to the regulations of the health department, the Ortho-K CL must be tested at the second-level or above medical institutions with the “Medical Institution Licensing Permit”. At least one ophthalmologist with the attending or higher should be present to be able to fit the cornea. Shaped mirror!The most fundamental thing is to develop a good, standardized eye habit. Nowadays, electronic terminal devices such as mobile computers are becoming more and more widely used, and the damage to the eyes is also increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the time for viewing the electronic screen first, and to reduce the brightness of the screen when watching at night.


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