our caliber is indeed smaller nail salon hong kong.

Compared to the 30mm cannons commonly used by US and Russian armed helicopters, our caliber is indeed smaller nail salon hong kong. The performance of ammunition is also worse than that of the US Apache helicopter. However, the 23mm cannon is the most suitable for the current straight-10 nail salon hong kong. The new and improved straight-10 is designed to lay the entire chain supply system on the outside of the fuselage, which will free up more space for loading shells nail salon hong kong. Although the 23mm caliber gun is worse than the 30mm cannon in terms of range and damage, instead of being mounted on the abdomen like the Apache or Mi-28, it has a better angle to the air. While satisfying the air combat, the damage capability of the 23mm chain gun is actually sufficient for combating light armor targets nail salon hong kong. For small caliber artillery, most of the genres use fixed-loading bombs. Because the range is limited, the angle of the artillery can be used to adjust the strike distance more flexibly. It does not make much sense to attach the excess charge nail salon hong kong. The pressure capacity of the small-caliber artillery is also very limited. It is also prone to explosives when using strong charge. The mass of the projectile is 43 kilograms, and the standard charge is about 7 kilograms. If the two are combined into a fixed bomb, the total weight will exceed 50 kilograms, and even a strong black soldier will be difficult to move. Therefore, from the whole world nail salon hong kong, it is not surprising that the howitzers and cannons of more than 100 mm are mostly used for sub-assembly. However, in the use of the medicine package, the US Department uses more of the whole combustible medicine package, and directly uses the paper or the woven cloth to wrap the propellant medicine. After the shell is fired, the medicine package is completely burned into smoke, and basically no ash is left. The metal capsules of the Soviet system are also unshelled after the propellant is burned, and the cartridges can be reassembled after being recycled. First, most of the Chinese and Russian tanks are equipped with rotary automatic loading machines, and the loading machine is limited by the small volume inside the tank. Therefore, there are extremely strict requirements on the length of the ammunition, in order to reduce the length of the projectile. It can only be forced to use the method of separating the propellant pack and the projectile. The use of fixed-loading and manual loading is not as good as the automatic loading machine, but the top ten bursting speeds are definitely not falling. Since the two are indistinguishable, why use the complex and reliable automatic loading? What about the bomb machine? The core can be directly penetrated into the cartridge, which is more advantageous than the cartridge with only the length of the projectile. It is precisely because of the same caliber, the armor-piercing projectile is not as good as the armor-piercing projectile. Therefore, the Soviet Union will increase the caliber of the main gun to 125 mm, and it is possible to use the armor-piercing projectile with a larger aspect ratio. The performance is not lost to the latest Western products!



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