Another actress was exposed Taiwan Taipei hotel?

Another actress was exposed Taiwan Taipei hotel? I have had many private meetings with Xiao Xianrou in the hotel . Are there any female celebrities caught in double cheating? This time joining the derailed celebrity Taiwan Taipei hotel team in the entertainment industry is a well-known female host Huang Qianping from Taiwan. She has the titles of “Beauty Witch Anchor” and “Goddess Anchor” in Taiwan. Although she is 51 years old and more than half a year old, her figure is still very good, and the bumps cause youth and beauty. At noon that day, Taiwanese media captured her whereabouts outside the TV station where Huang Qianping worked. I saw Huang Qianping after being off the Taiwan Taipei hotel anchor station. He first drove to the gym to train his muscles at 12:15. Then at 15:29, she changed her outfit and put on black stockings to catch the taxi. After getting off at the Asia Plaza Building near Taipei Station, Huang Qianping took the elevator straight to a hotel on the 7th floor of the building, and headed Taiwan Taipei hotel straight to Room 71XX without looking back. No check in, no left and right. According to Taiwanese media, Huang Qianping is familiar with the place and looks like a regular visitor or “usual offender.” At about 5 pm in the afternoon, an hour and a half later, Huang Qianping walked out of the room. The hair she had tied up when she entered the room was now floating down. She walked out Taiwan Taipei hotel of the room with her, a young man with a handsome and handsome appearance and a strong body. The two looked at each other from time to time, with a spark of love in their eyes. If this is a Xiao Yaxuan-style young and old love, then the public and the media will not eat melons. But the problem is that Huang Qianping is Taiwan Taipei hotel a well-known female anchor with a family. She has been married for 16 years and her husband is a software engineer named Vincent. The two have a daughter and are 14 years old this year. (Huang Qianping’s husband, daughter, Huang Qianping) Taiwanese media said that they photographed Huang Qianping like this more than once and went to the hotel after work, using their free time to have small fresh meat and live a full life. And every time I go to the same hotel, for example, this is a picture of her getting off the taxi on January 19th. From the outside world, Huang Qianping has the experience of studying in the United States and has a high degree of education; her professional qualities are well-known and her career is successful; her family is happy and her appearance is sweet. (Screenshot of media report) But now it has been photographed to open a room with a small fresh meat hotel, which inevitably makes people shocked. In the early morning of February 19, as soon as the news was released, it caused an uproar in Taiwan.

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