As mentioned earlier, the true and false sets of accounts share part of the credentials Taipei luxury hotel.

As mentioned earlier, the true and false sets of accounts share part of the credentials Taipei luxury hotel. The tax bureau came to check it and replaced it with a real account; the audit company came to check it and uncovered the necessary vouchers, as long as the invoice was then replaced Taipei luxury hotel with a voucher certificate. Why can’t you use the same voucher? That is because the number of the voucher is different in the real and false accounts. Sometimes the number of the real voucher reaches more than three hundred, and the total number of fake vouchers is less than two hundred. The firm sometimes Taipei luxury hotel stays for a month or two, anyway, they collect money by the hour. It’s not too bad. A listed lawyer in Singapore told me that his fee is 800 US dollars per hour, and the calculation time is from taking a plane to flying back to Singapore. Pull away. The firm stayed for a month or two, from time to time to go to the financial Taipei luxury hotel department, or asked for a certain number of vouchers. To say that acquaintances are easy to handle now, if they have no time to prepare, tell them that they are not busy with me. Go, go and talk later. This stay may be hours, days Taipei luxury hotel or even forever. The bad thing is that these little girls are acquainted, and when they enter the door, they sit casually, grab the computer and look at it. Rut. Pulled away again. At first glance, the audit company was two months away, but Taipei luxury hotel the tax bureau was not idle. Sometimes it came to a piece, and it was ready to be true for a while, and it was ready to be fake for a while. Went. In other words, the staff of the Ministry of Affairs turned over a voucher, such as winning the treasure, because not only did we not owe him money, but she owed us. The manager of the legal department held this voucher. You know that he was transferred from the manager of the accounting department. No, when will this supplier have such a large volume of business? After looking at the handwriting, forget it, this is written by the investment department, fake. Another problem at the operational level is that ERP goes online and runs China Finance. As mentioned earlier, in order to evade taxes, the steel given to company A has to be billed as electronic components of company B; the computer printer was originally a programming controller, and the fixed assets have become raw materials. What do you think I can do to know the true cost and profit? In the company, in addition to the normal business, it is also necessary to consider fake accounts, to meet various requirements, the most headache is the report. The normal financial statements are issued every month. The main point is that VAT must be paid, but not too much or too little. Too much pressure on the company’s funds, too little is difficult for the tax bureau. But there must be no income tax. Since the establishment of this company, it has been losing money and growing.

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